Dashboard ... What next?

Okay, I’ll admit … I don’t know what to press on the Dashboard. I managed to click the alligator avatar on the right and it went through some Radicals, but now what? When I clicked on it again it says there is nothing. Doesn’t seem to be prompting me on what to do next or to revise.

Did you see the thing that says “Next review” with an amount of time? That’s when your next review comes. You have to complete several reviews before an item levels up to the point where it will unlock associated content.

This is in the FAQ.

You should be seeing this somewhere

Thanks for the responses. Yeah didn’t notice the dropdown arrow until after I posted. I read the FAQ which said I have to wait, but still, when I come back and click on Lessons, it says 0. Am I suppose to click on Reviews and do that instead?

After you do a lesson it moves to the review queue. If you review something enough times it levels up, and if it has any associated items (radicals unlock kanji) then those new items will appear in the lesson queue.

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