Cramming kanji for exam

What are you being quizzed on on the exam? For example kun’yomi / on’yomi / meaning / stroke order of kanji? That’s what used to be on my exams in uni.

There should be a script that lets you cram both kanji and vocab: [Userscript] Self-Study Quiz

I personally used to keep a study log of the kanji I was supposed to know. It was convenient for me to use discourse/forum because of yomi-chan.

Study log stuff

An example of how I kept a summary of the weekly kanji and verbs etc I was supposed to know, here from genki lesson 22:

For kanji writing practice I made a list of (kana) words that had appeared during lectures. Easy to check with yomi-chan afterwards.

The thread isn’t public right now, but I could make it so if you’re interested in having a look c:

Read out loud. Don’t skip any words you’re not 100% sure about. Make jisho and yomi-chan your best friends.

Reading is always tiring at first and will continue to be for a while when you’re not used to it. So you gotta build stamina and tolerance for reading.

Do you read any native material? How about joining a book club here on the forum? You’re welcome to participate and ask questions even in old threads if you find a book/manga you’re interested that has been read in the past.