Cool DS kanji game aimed adults: なぞっておぼえる大人漢字練習

This game is aimed at Japanese adults who tend to forget how to write certain kanji. It includes the 常用, names, as well as haiku and kotowaza. It is organized by order of the 教育漢字. It zeros in on which kanji you have trouble reading and or writing. Then it drills and tests you with very nice meditative music in the background. It will likely be most useful for people who are already comfortable reading N3 stuff and above.

I’m using it to gear up for the N1 and to finally just learn name kanji, which I usually just read with mixed kun or on and pay them little attention.

Was a cheap game, 1000 yen at the book off, and isn’t region locked because it is in the DS series.

Here is a good review of it (in J):

Good for review and for people who want to write as well as read. Could be used as a gator aid…

Peace to all.


This sounds awesome, thanks for sharing!

Is “gator aid” some kind of american slang I am unaware of?


Presumably short for crabigator aid.

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I’m inclined to agree with @Leebo on what’s meant, but there is a drink called Gatorade and so OP could have been going for a play on words there.

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Though that’s an international product, so nothing really America-specific, and also… I don’t really get why they would refer to that, but eh.

I didn’t actually know that! You get used to certain things only being found in certain places… the more you know! :rainbow::star:

Its actually developed by the aligators for thei college gridiron team.

Yeah we’ve got Gatorade. Well, we used to have it but they got pushed out of the market by Powerade. I also wouldn’t get why it would be referred to in this situation.

I’m going with crabigator aid.

This is correct. 冷たいダジャレ.