Color Coding Text and Changing Font in the Forum and in Furigana

(I’ve modified the thread title).

Is it possible to change the font? I checked in the Latex document and when I try the code listed there, I get the following error:

I assume the forum would need to have font packages installed in order to use them, correct?

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Please don’t change fonts/colours :pray:

It mostly just makes it harder for people to read your posts. Even if you go for things that read nicely on your screen, others might have different coloured backgrounds/font packs/screen resolutions…you have no way of making it work for everyone (also let’s not forget accessibility issues like colour blindness).

It’s not like the basic options aren’t expressive enough anyway.


I understand your request and it’s a valid one. Just out of curiosity it’s still like to know how however.


Specifically, the forums supports both a light and dark theme. Most manually specified colors would clash with one or the other.

Rather, I think each individual would have to have the font / font family installed on their computer. Yet another reason not to do stuff like that.


I don’t know in this particular case, but there’s a bunch of stuff that’s not supported, probably for the sake of security and page load times.
LaTeX is quite heavy compared to the usual markdowns. Probably best to avoid it unless you really really want to show an equation.

The \textrm{basic} \textsf{three} \texttt{fonts} seem to be supported though.


I had to quote your message but I reversed engineered how to use different fonts, thanks!


Basically, I agree that color coding can easily be misused and can make a text hard to read, but it’s a cool feature nevertheless.

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I was lurking on your reading thread and this looks like it might be a more appropriate place to offer some totally unsolicited advice :grin:

You can use the hash symbol to more quickly indicate headers - so #, ## and ### give you h1, h2 and h3 just by typing them at the start of a line:

## header 2

If people do use the spoiler tag, you can reply to their post, click ‘quote whole post’, and then you can copy and paste their text directly. Obviously that’s a pain, but thought it might be helpful to know.

If people want to hide spoilers without using the spoiler tag, I’d recommend using the drop-down “details” tag, like so:


write spoilers here


Also I saw somebody mentioning furigana - you can use <ruby><rb>kanji here</rb><rt>furigana here</rt></ruby>, but there’s also a script that lets you do it less painfully.


Regarding the furigana script, is there a way to implement it on iPad? Because typing that code and switching IME to write it is the opposite of convenient. I’ll yet again edit my title.


You cannot use scripts on iPad.


Some things render in the preview and not in posts :disappointed:

Ooh, didn’t know that. Thanks.

Edit: Weird how ##header 2 doesn’t render as a header in your post for me, but it does in my quote of your post :man_shrugging:


It’s because I was just trying to show the code, not the effect. I’ll edit to make it more clear.




I was debating what would be the least confusing way of presenting it, so at least that answered that question, haha :stuck_out_tongue:


I normally put code in some form of quote/preformat box to make it stand out, like this:

## heading 2


I read this as ‘make POLLS hard to read’ haha.

I found out once how to code a strikethrough, but I forgot, and google didn’t help. Anybody want to let me know?


I know this one, it’s actually in the forum read me if I recall correctly.


Will give you strike


Thanks! I assume it works on Discord as well, since I can use the *** there for Italics and Bold, as well.


Yes, it’s standard Markdown. I’m no expert but from what I understand it’ll export everywhere.


\int_{-\infty}^{+\infty} e^{-{x^2/2}} dx

90s just called me back.