Can't progress at my own pace?

When i first started first level was difficult so it depends on the person i guess


True, when I started I didn’t have any experience with mnemonics or the SRS system, everything was so tough but it has gotten easier!

Coming back to the topic, trust me the pace will get fast soon enough. Also, if you haven’t already seen it do check out the the Ultimate Guide to Wanikani by @ jprspereira , it has a lot of useful information. :slight_smile:


Before long you will wish you were back to having just 2 minute reviews every day.


How many: “I’m a newbie and the first levels are soo slow” threads do we have by now? A hundred? I think we even have memes about that by now.

Slow Start? & The “I’m going to start my own thread about something that has had countless threads before it” thread (turns out there is only 49 going to Japan threads) are lists on threads with the same topic. I’m sure you’ll find answers there or in the FAQ.

And if you don’t like how SRS works I guess you have to give up on WaniKani.


If you have a lot of free time and you want to do frequent multiple-hour marathons of learning new stuff, I’d say WK isn’t really for you. Something like KKLC or Kanji Damage with Anki reviews would probably be better for you if that’s the approach you want to take. While the pacing does obviously improve from like 2 minutes of reviews per day on level 1, you’ll never really have the opportunity to do more than an hour or so of lessons at a time, and reviews will generally be around 30-60 minutes spread throughout the day. So if you’re hoping to eventually spend more time than that in a learning session, you won’t really get that out of WK.

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Don’t worry, just wait for a few levels - and the reviews would become overwhelming. Also, it’s a good idea to do some other Japanese studies alongside WaniKani - grammar, reading, listening…

Anyway, best of luck with your studies!

WaniKani doesn’t really work when you have to rely on inspiration to do the reviews. You’ll need a lot of consistency to get through it. Otherwise your reviews will pile up and you’ll get overwhelmed.

I’m speaking from experience here. I’m currently on my third attempt.

Ideally, you’ll do reviews and lessons in the morning. Reviews 4 hours later to level up the new items and then another 8 hours later to level up again. Every day :smiley:

But if your memory is really good and you don’t need a lot of repetition, there are better ways to learn for you. has a bunch of words with Kanji at the beginning of each lesson. You could simply learn those as you go along and learn vocabulary and kanji at the same time.


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I get what you are saying, because I was saying that a few days ago when I joined wanikani. I was like “yeah yeah, fine, just gotta associate the shapes with the meaning; let’s move onto the on’yomi/kun’yomi of kanji”… Promise it me, it’ll catch up to your struggle level.

I’ve been self-studying for 2 years now and the depths of kanji readings was always my weak point, but so far I’m finding this forced slow and repetitive review is actually helpful. Just bounce between resources when you set the time for yourself. Depending on what my day is like I will bounce at least between this site, Duolingo, Genki, or short story reading/audio books.


It was a skit series called “Between Two Ferns”. Personally, I thought they were hilarious, especially when he interviewed political figures.


Some thoughts:

Exceedingly few people are able to finish WaniKani at maximum pace, as fast as it will allow you to go. Perhaps you can! But more than likely after the first few levels that will not be the case, just speaking from statistical experience.

Be aware it’s really easy to shoot yourself in the foot by going with a SRS system that allows you to go as fast as you want without limits. I fell into that trap before doing WaniKani. At first you’re like “Oh this is easy, I’ll just take on more and more.” But you quickly discover that the workload compounds itself and before long it’s like, “Oh crap… this is too much, how do I back this down??”

By all means though find a system that works best for you. If nothing else, if you find that you have extra time, why not practice all the other things that are part of learning Japanese? Grammar, writing, listening, general production in the language…


the free trial of kanji garden runs out quite fast, after that you either have to pay or have to go real slow.

WK is all about pacing. when you run a marathon, you don’t start by doing a 100m sprint. you set off with a pace which you can maintain for 42 km. WK sets you a pace, which is about 150-160 new items per week (going full speed, and increasing when you get to fast levels). In the beginning, the pacing of WK might indeed feel a bit slow. for me, that gave me the time to establish the methods and routine which i need now to maintain full speed.

in any case, i wish you the best in your japanese studies ^^



You’re level 1, don’t worry. The system requires time to work properly. It won’t be too long before it speeds up, and you’ll probably overtake me if that’s your attitude because I tend not to do all lessons available to me and only do 5 to 15 per day depending on my energy levels.

There are peaks and troughs as to your workload / review & lesson amount based on your performance. If its not giving you more lessons, It’s because they would be wasted on you. If you aren’t getting the reviews, its because you’ve not waited long enough yet.

You say they are not difficult to remember but its trying to solidify them, if you get them right 4 out of 5 times its going to give it to you again until you get 5/5 and then it’ll suprise you with it again much much later, and you’ll find that your memory of it may have faded.

But basically, just relax for now, the first few levels are slow, but they pick up to the point where you might not even want to do all the lessons you have available because there are too many.


Hi there, I’m currently in the fast levels where it is possible for you to pass a level in 3 hours and 10 days. I’ve been doing 10+ fast levels at this speed because I have to head off for military conscription in a week and a half and I want to reach Level 60 before I go.

I feel like dying from mental exhaustion with the number of hours I’ve been putting in every day to sentence mine and revising the Kanji and Vocabulary from the Level 40s and 50s. If you go at the maximum possible pace in the early levels, you will learn more Kanji readings and their meanings in two months than Japanese Elementary School students will learn in their first two years.

Be careful what you wish for :frowning:



just study grammar while you wait, if that can’t keep you busy nothing can. The speed picks up. My boyfriend googled “wanikani rehab centres” the other day in hopes that he might get me back…


I actually did google it. I might need it soon…

I think I already spend my time on Wanikani more than 2 hours today…


“If you or someone you love just cannot seem to pull their ass away from their endless reviews, if they are trapped in the merciless clutches of the Crabigator; we at United Durtle Rehabilitation Centres may be able to help…”