Can you recommend digital reading resources?

I want to read computer files or online resources.

Beginner Japanese Book Club’s recommendations are mostly physical, not digital.

Can you recommend digital reading resources to an intermediate learner like me?

I would recommend
Not that many free online texts in there yet (only three I think), but it really helps to learn while reading.
The free texts are from an online library called aozora I think? So you can also check that directly if you can’t find something you like.


Here’s the link to the Aozora Bunko library @Naphthalene mentioned. Specifically, this is the link to the topical index.

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If your are looking to start reading I would recommend graded readers.
So far the only digital series I’m aware it’s the White Rabbit Press series. You can buy individual stories and see If you like them.

There’re some free graded readers made by the Tadoku team, you may use them to get a hang into what’s your entry level.

Then there’re also free resources aimed at japanese kids. Depending on the topic and how connected you’re with your inner child you might find it a terrific resource as well

This guy’s blog explains about Pibo and EhonNavi. There’s plenty of material here :wink:

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Why yes, I am going to shamelessly share my own topic:

Many of the options listed there have been suggested already, but I’ll also throw Satori Reader and TangoRisto out there (see the Satori Reader and News Online sections).

Kyasurin also linked to a variety of PDFs that you could use in this post.


Aozora is a good resource for free, online reading but it’s extremely disorganized and entirely in Japanese, making it difficult to find things appropriate to your level.

There’s a website called Read Your Grade that tries to organize Aozora stuff by easiness. I think they look at the first 5000 characters and try to determine a level of difficulty. Anyway, you might want to take a look there.


For what it’s worth, I think every book currently nominated has a digital version available, with links in the main post.


A clever search keyword popped up from my subconsicous mind. I just searched for the keyword, and I gained access to a growing wealth of easy japanese reading materials.

Our subconscious mind is a genius and a super computer. Feed it information and questions, and it will give you answers. Drop your ego if you want to access your subconscious genius.


My absolute favorite reading resource lately has been the Nihongo Day By Day blog. It is written by a native Japanese who teaches in Japan. Not only it is written almost entirely in ~N3 Japanese, but the topics are Japanese grammar and culture. I sort of look at it as killing two birds with one stone - you get to read about Japanese grammar while solidifying your kanji and vocabulary.

Probably best for upper N4 and above students.

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