Can i learn 500 to 1000 kaaji in 6 months?

Well I am a beginner( HI THERE) studying Japanese myself so it has been hard on me not to mention KANJI what I know in kanji I almost did not study them,because I wrote 3 long pages for one kanji everyday (wrote 600pages in total) but still had nothing so I quited, what i want to know if I will be able to learn big amount of kanji in 6 months ? lets say if I get every kanji I learn correct in lessions, is it possible ?

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If by “learn” you mean having done the lesson, then yes. 500 absolutely. 1000 probably pushing it a bit, but still not impossible.

Sounds to me like you want to cram. Cramming is never good.
Some people claim to “Learn 2000 kanji in 6 months”, but I personally think they’re full of shit.

Also, if you want to cram, WaniKani is not the place. Its an SRS system, which means there’s a maximum pace at which you can go. Not sure what the max possible in 6 months is.


What Batman said.


6 months in I was at 770 kanji guru or above (only doing wk, nothing else), so yeah, 500 seems pretty doable.


Without pushing my limits I won’t be able to improve

What do you mean you wrote 3 long pages for one kanji every day? Did you write the same kanji over and over again for 3 pages? This is a good way to develop muscle memory when writing, but it actually doesn’t have any benefit for your memory for reading or recalling the kanji. It feels productive, because you’re producing so much, but your brain goes into autopilot mode if you write it out more than 2-3 times. It becomes automatic, so you actually stop paying attention to it, which doesn’t do anything for your memory retention. You actually reinforce memories when you have to struggle to remember them, which is why SRS systems can be so effective.

If you want to practice writing, I suggest writing each kanji as they come up in your reviews, and write each kanji or word only once, or a maximum of 3 times before moving on to the next word.

wooooooooooooow (If he can do it so can i)

As I said I was studying myself and it was only real option I had

Yes, you are pushing yourself, but not by speeding through at the speed of light.

You’re pushing yourself by learning 770 kanji in 6 months. not just knowing them, but being able to read them, and which reading to say, for 770 kanji is no easy task.

With some quick math and assuming that you get everything correct, you would get to about level 25 on WK and learn about 840 kanji.

That’d be pretty intense.


let’s look at the math for how WK works out:
you can complete a level in about 8 days, shorter for the first two levels, but let’s just assume 8 days.
with 60 levels, you can theoretically complete the program 480 days if you are moving at max speed, which is about a year and 1/3

In total WK has 2027 kanji, which is almost all of the joyou kanji, but you’re not only learning the individual kanji, you’re learning 6287 vocabulary words that are made of those kanji. In each level you learn the vocabulary along with the kanji, so it feels natural.

Through the vocab you learn all of the important readings for the kanji, since there can be many readings for each kanji. You aren’t just learning a list of how the character can be pronounced, but learning the contexts in which each reading should be used.

So you’re not just studying the characters in isolation, like you would do if you’re just studying one character every day, you’re learning the context in which to use them.

Thing is, @zuraavaliani, while what Daisuke is saying is totally true, with the SRS system, whatever amount of kanji you learn in those 6 months you’ll actually learn. And not just the meaning, but the reading as well. Give the first three levels a try (and see how quick you fly through them; max speed is about 7 days a level) and see how you feel. The first 3 levels are free, anyway.

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SO I have to pay for rest ?

Yes. If you don’t pay, you will not see any items of level 4 or above.

Perhaps you should go read the Guide and FAQ?

As AnimeCanuck said, it is not a free system.

But it is worth it if you are willing to put the effort in.

Absolutely worth it! : D
Or else I would’ve stopped at the end of the free levels myself (especially with the exchange rate).

Just give it a try.

Either way, good luck with your studies!