Burnt an item while getting it wrong

I burnt this while getting it wrong… its a shame I can’t “ignore” a correct answer.

I thought this meant to raise something, but it means for something to be raised.

FYI, the Double-Check script allows you to mark an answer wrong.

Also, you could resurrect it, though that takes it back to Apprentice 1 (until you decide to retire it again).

hmm just tried it out, it breaks WK override and WK reorder ultimate 2.

Yeah, it breaks override, but you don’t need override if you have Double-Check, since it can mark something right OR wrong:

  • + to mark it right
  • - to mark it wrong
  • Esc or Backspace to retype the answer (which is safer than override, since you have to actually know it to get it correct).

And it works fine for me with Reorder Ultimate 2.


Yea you’re right, wow this is better than override script… thank you.

In case you didn’t see my edit above, I added a list of the hotkeys after you posted your reply.


Another option is the Close but no Cigar script that forces you to re-type words that would have otherwise been accepted as “close enough”:

And if you want to un-burn the one you missed you can use Burn Manager:

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Hmmm interesting thing i’ve noted.

When i answer a vocab correctly, the audio appears but at a slight delay, presumably loading the audio file or something. When this happens, I’ve always been able to press enter and move onto the next item while the audio still plays for the previous answered item.
However, with double-check as soon as I press enter the audio is cut off. This is a little frustrating as that slight delay means I am no longer hearing the audio since I like to press enter and move on as fast as possible.

Hmm yes this is quite annoying actually, I’m no longer getting audio feedback. Is there a way you could change this or would it be quite difficult?

Sure, I’ll take a look.
I wrote (my version of) the script long after finishing WK, so I didn’t have reviews to test it adequately… but I’m slowly getting it polished as people report issues. :slight_smile:

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I forgot which thread you had posted this in.
In case you didn’t see it, I posted a [new thread] with a new version of the script, which fixes the audio issues.

Thanks :slight_smile:
Is it just me or have you forced a instant change to the next item when correct? Is there an option to turn this off?
Lightning mode? Just gonna try find this to turn it off.

I just realized I linked to the wrong thread. Will update it in a sec (above). [Edit: updated]

Sounds like you have Lightning Mode turned on. Check out the settings in the script menu.

Looks like I’ll have to wait for a review haha

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It might also help to look up the patterns of transitive/intransitive verb pairs. 〜ある・〜える is one of the most common types of pairs and between the two 〜ある will always be intransitive.


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