Best anki configuration?

What’s the best configuration? All of the tutorials I see online are out dated and many of the options mentioned are either renamed or no longer exist.

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I highly suggest using the new FSRS algorithm. You don’t have to worry about anywhere near the number of things you used to and it works much better overall.

Here is a post where I’ve been tracking and posting my results with it. I just updated it last week. That post also has details on why I suggest using the FSRS algorithm versus the older SM2 algorithm as well as example cards and such.

You can also dig in further via the link to the previous post that one points to and go through the comments for more discussion if you want.

In short though, here is a good video by AnKing that is recent and covers the relevant details:

If you don’t want to watch the whole thing, here is the specific section of the video that goes over enabling FSRS along with a few tips:


Error: 500: Insufficient review history to perform this operation.

You can only optimize it for your personal performance once you’ve done 1000 reviews for that deck. Use the default settings until you’ve done enough reviews.

That sucks.

Is there a way to just update it to use your wanikani data for some of those? I have over 2,000 reviews in WK

To be clear, I mean use the default FSRS settings. They are very good and far superior to the old SM2 even without further refinements based on your personal review performance history.

It would be nice if we could sync up wanikani with anki so we aren’t doing the same cards multiple times

I don’t know of any way to sync them.

That said, I’m not sure why you’d want to either. I only use it for vocabulary that is not on WaniKani. For all the items on WK, I just use WK.

I feel like nearly every anki deck I find is far more deep than what wanikani provides. Wanikani is nice because it’s only teaching you words basically. There are no full sentences. This is good and bad. For me, it’s what I need as my vocabulary is not big enough to actually fully understand full sentences. However, i want to eventually “level up” to full sentences. However, when I see them, I feel like I’m not actually retaining the sentence and instead I’m just doing a sort of process of elimination to figure out what it is not to figure out what it is. Does that make sense?

Am I just not understanding anki here? Why do I have only one review per day? With wanikani, we have multiple reviews throughout the day…

It does and if you look at some of the example cards I put in the post I previously linked, you can see I use full sentences in my decks as well.

I was thinking that you were wanting to put repeat cards in Anki and then sync those up to WaniKani. That’s why I said I wasn’t sure why you’d want to do that.

You probably just started using it and that’s how all SRS systems are at first. When you’ve only done a few lessons / cards, there are only a few reviews. As you continue using it every day, it will ramp up just like happened with WK due to reviews from older items stacking up with reviews from newer items.

For example, here is mine:


Also, keep in mind that a big reason that FSRS is a better algorithm is because it allows you to do fewer reviews for the same level of retention. So, you should expect less reviews under FSRS for the same number of new items per day as compared to e.g. WK or even Anki’s older SM2 algorithm.

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I wonder what algorithm wanikani is using? Is it public?


But also anki is generally just an “every day a bunch of reviews drop for you to do” system, unlike WK where each individual review can become due at any time during the day and the initial 4h and 8h intervals mean you actively want to do at least two separate review sessions a day, right?


Yeah that’s how I feel. That’s why I feel like wanikani is just better than Anki. I don’t like the fact that Anki seems to be more like a “here’s some shit we dropped on you today.” While WK feels more like it’s actually showing me stuff that I am forgetting. I don’t know how to explain it. WK just feels better than Anki every time and I don’t know why. Is it a configuration issue on my end?

It really doesn’t make a difference IMHO. Both systems are tracking times for each item individually, and once you get out of the initial learning phase and a card is due to come back in 5 days, whether it appears literally in 5 * 24 hours or at the start of day 5 is immaterial. Anki’s algorithm is much more sophisticated than the fixed set of intervals that WK uses, so if anything it’s the other way around and Anki is keeping better track of what you need to see.


It’s not helpful if it doesn’t build into your routine. WK is much easier to build into a routine because it actually gives you reviews multiple times a day. Anki just is a one and done. It vomits everything at you at once and that’s it.

I consider Anki to be a “vomiting” software. It just vomits out flash cards to you in no real effective order.

By default you’re correct but I actually set an additional 4h interval for new cards on Anki so that I get two sessions on the first day for new cards, so it’s customizable.

FSRS is love, FSRS is life. It’s incredible how good it is. It’s the only SRS implementation I don’t feel like babysitting.


It’s really not that huge of a difference, and I actually prefer the flexibility of having per-day reviews than per-hour myself in the long run.

For WK the hourly schedule makes some sense especially if you’re “speedrunning”, but for long-lived decks that I intend to use for years I really prefer the flexibility of having one big review session once a day at any time I chose. Easier to fit in my schedule.