Bad Mnemonics

六日 is on my mnemonic-hate-list… because they give you “moo” and “car” and never mention, that there is an i-sound inbetween. So i remember the mnemonic, am happy to remember it, type the hiragana and fail.

So the new mnemonic is “that word, on which they omitted the i-sound” … but that is not rewarding, somehow. :confused:

(edit): Oh… now it is probably “that word, for which i gravedug a thread in the forums”. Sorry! >.<

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The way I remember it is that “things have the little tsu for 3,4, 6, and 8, while days only have it for 3 and 4. So six things is muttsu, but six days has something different in the middle. What was it, oh right, the moo-ey car.”

I still sometimes get those dumb thing/day readings wrong though.

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moo-ey car ist nice! I now think of a car with a cow pattern drawn on it that makes “moo!” when you try to honk. :smiley: Thank you!

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