[App + Script] Ankimode for iOS

To speed up reviewing on mobile I modified Mempo’s (thanks) userscript to use buttons.

It looks like this (screenshot taken on desktop):

In order to load this userscript, I created a WebView in an iOS app using Xcode on a VM… it sucked. I neither know web or iOS development, plus I have no developer account to put this app on the AppStore. However, it can be installed using Cydia impactor or on jailbroken devices.

Here is a link to the userscript.

A lot can be improved - I’m still ashamed about how I created three spans because I did not know how to increase the span’s height using CSS. However, the app is somewhat working and I can finally get many reviews done mobile without it feeling exhausting.

You can download the IPA here.

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I don’t use IOS but I always love the effort the community goes into making things for WK and for others to use. Thanks!