App for Lazy People

hey i made an app to help do reviews when you are playing a game or any fullscreen (windowed borderless) application. i’m pretty trash at writing these things up, because i usually just develop for myself. i figured at least one person on this forum might find the app a little useful so go ahead and check it out at GitHub - cturner0098/JStudy: A tool to help Japanese study. . Releases on the right, just download, put in an api key, and pick some subjects to study. there is a button to submit an answer that should be correct, but got marked as incorrect for whatever reason.
dont abuse it unless you want to waste your time on wanikani lol. this is a super alpha app so be warned of how shit it looks
use f10 to hide the main wanikani app. this application is windows only

23 September 2020 (v0.0.0.15): Fixed radicals always being incorrect (even though I know you would never). My bad, it wont happen 々.


I’m here on behalf of the Crabigator Eternal, lord of kanji, to sue you:

I half ass implemented auto update. Sue me.

You are hereby charged with treason against the Crabigator.

Two questions/suggestions:

  1. Can you move this to the API and Third-Party Apps category?
  2. You might want to mention that this is Windows-only.

please don’t im just a lowly college student i can’t survive any more debt

and i got you bud. keeping the forums a cleaner place for everyone :+1:


Is that what you think the Crabigator would do if you were guilty? :laughing:
You better do some reviews (without that treacherous overriding button) to show your continued devotion.


i have the crabigator stickers he can’t hurt me

the override button is a work of art and i trust everyone who wants to learn

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Welcome back to the forums! We haven’t seen you in a year… we hope you really do decide to stay on WK!

I advise, if you didn’t already notice, please don’t reorder to skip vocab (I’m guessing that’s partly why you reset.

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oh i’ll stay on wanikani, whether or not i do any reviews is another topic entierly.

and yeah i definitely got the idea when i ran myself into an unstoppable wall lol… i should probably implement a randomizer for reviews now that you mention it

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Oh, come on… do you really want a review queue of every single item you’ve learned and haven’t burned yet?

gotta keep em on their toes

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Just last Sunday, I finally got below 1000 reviews… I just don’t want to see that happen to you.

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