Anything I should do/know before i pick wanikani back up?

Hey i have took a massive break from wanikani (like 4-5 months) i am on level 10 but before i pick wanikani back up is there anything i should know?


Ask yourself why it will be different this time.


yeah! I have and i have seen it’s flaws and i know a way how to counter them with another couple programmes but since i have never came back to it before idk what to expect from that perspective

  • It will feel hard to get back into routine. Try to keep up with it again as much as you can.

  • Take your time. Give yourself at least a week or so getting back into the flow. Take some time to lower that Apprentice count you will probably create from having forgotten quite a lot of items.

  • Don’t despair if your accuracy is crap. ~20% will be perfectly normal at such a stage.

  • Stay positive and try to get your spark back :smile:


thanks i will i am still debating on joining but i will decide when i wake up tomorrow and this will come in handy!

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Totally understand :blush: Myself, I just came back from a 8 month break. It’s quite difficult getting back into a studying routine, but I honestly love Japanese, and I want to learn it if it is the last thing I do :triumph:


Taking breaks is normal.

Just give it your best. :slight_smile:

Maybe look into scripts to fix some issues with WaniKani that you might have?

Try to take advantage of the forum as a way to ask questions, read, practice output, etc.

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thanks for the advice

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be strong liek rock bradda


Don’t be afraid to reset if you feel the need to. I did after being away from wanikani for years. No regrets, even though the pleasant levels were pretty boring. It was nice to at least refresh my vocab, some of which I had forgotten completely.

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