Anyone tried Kanken?


Thanks for all the updates and the scans! It’s been neat being able to follow the chronicle of your experience.


Really looking forward to hearing how you did! When do you find out?


We were told that it takes about 30 days for the results to be available online. So, probably in about a week and a half.


I passed! The online result checker thing just says 合格おめでとうございます with no details, so I’ll have to wait another week or so to receive the score details and the certificate.

I’m super excited to also have found out that the Kanken is offered as a computer-based test as well, which you can take basically any time you want by making an appointment. You also get the results back much quicker. They don’t offer all of the levels through the CBT version (you can’t take levels 10, 9, 8, pre-1, or 1) but I’ll definitely use it for levels 4 through 2, assuming I ever get that far.


Wow. Just wow.

I was so close with the stroke order one. I was off by 1 for the bolded stroke… wasn’t sure if it was 4 or 5. Total was correct.

So I noticed a few places in the forum that you took the N1 about a month ago - how did it go? Also in this thread you were taking one of the kanken’s in June - which one and how did that go?


I was getting about 55% on the practice tests for N1 in the days leading up to the test, and I felt similarly during the test, so there’s a good chance I didn’t pass, but we’ll see. I always knew it was stretch to reach for it.

I posted just above that I got the results for that test today, well that I passed. It was level 5, and you can see the full scan of the actual test I took a few more posts up. They let us keep it.


Oh no!

Although, the N1 does contain more industry/work specific vocabulary and is above University level (for people who studied in Japan, even) right… so… But I really hope you passed it.
Congratulations on passing the Kanken too! (I just caught up to that post as you answered my question… I wasn’t planning on reading through it all, but then I did, it got interesting with all your progress for us to see. Thanks for sharing the journey with us.)


N1 does have a lot of vocab that isn’t difficult per se, but is often redundant with simpler words. These are often things that aren’t covered on WK, since most kanji here only get a handful of words dedicated to them. WK certainly helped with the kanji section, but it’s only 6 questions out of 70…

Grammar is killer on N1, because there is just so much of it to cover and it’s hard to find material that uses it in a way that you can just absorb it naturally. It’s formal or obscure stuff that is loaded with nuances. As much as I like to refer to it in a pinch, a site like is worthless for N1, because it doesn’t explain the nuances, even if the example sentences demonstrate them. Will you really glean that a particular grammar requires that the subject of the second half of the sentence must be the same as was in the first half without it being spelled out? Or that the you can only use verbs that express actions that happen instantaneously, as opposed to verbs that have a duration?

And then with the reading, the challenge is less about the difficulty of any given question, and more just the sheer volume of words they put in front of you for the time given.

Thanks. I’m glad some people enjoyed learning about the test, and I hope some more people try it. I’m going to wait until I reach level 60 here before I start actively studying for level 4, but I am looking forward to it.


Does this mean it’s possible to take the test from outside of Japan? Or is it make an appointment to go in and do it on their computers. I’d really love to take Kanken.


I saw a poster for Kanken registration at the community school/Volkshochschule in Düsseldorf so it’s definitely possible to take outside Japan, even the physical test :slight_smile: Costs from 35-50 euros depending on the level taken. Here’s the poster (in German and Japanese):

Apologies for the bad quality, the poster was not the object of the original picture :joy:


I can’t personally vouch for the ability to take it elsewhere. I’m signing up on the CBT site now, and the only address options are the prefectures of Japan. There may be other ways to do it though, through organizations outside of the official Japanese one.


Ξ(*゚▽゚)ノ ↑↑↑↑↑↑ off course !!! finally you realize it〜

uwaaa 〜 finally you take this test〜 congratulations 〜 ☆;::;☆;::;☆ have you receive your shiny certificate +。:.゚ヽ(*´∀`)ノ゚.:。+゚

by the way have planning to push into 準2級・2級・準1級・1級?
while until3級 is still okay〜 4 level above is different〜 but i think it’s doesn’t stop kanji crazy like you〜

while is not kanken official but i think if you wanna enhance your kanken test capability in future, here some cheap resource as usual〜 ↓ ↓

a little outdated〜 this test sheet actually targeted for school student but it can be used for kanken up to 準2級〜 just print or write on blank paper〜 answer sheet is also available〜♪

all 3 wave last year test from kanjukuken〜 available up to 1級〜 just print or write on blank paper, answer sheet is available too〜♪

from my favorite kanji jitenon〜☆ here’s sibling’s site for kanken question〜 not print friendly but i think is enough just choose question mode and write down answer in blank paper〜

official kanken mobile app (like ds and also very addicted app) also available for smartphone〜 but 4級〜1級 section is paid and all simulated test mode for all level is also paid while the rest is free〜

have actual bulky jiten is also useful since they cover all character from jouyou/jinmeiyou/kokuji〜 but it’s optional〜

by the way〜 stay longer here and have fun enjoy kanken and your other test〜♪


Thanks! It should arrive some time next week.

I currently see 2 as almost inevitable… above that would be a huge endeavor, but I’m not opposed to thinking about it.


I can’t read handwriting at all, but yours is pretty easy to read. Also congrats on the kanken! I never plan on learning the actual radicals or how to write stuff in the future so it is awesome to see people do it


The certificate and the score details came!

I estimated that I got over 160 points (with 140 being the passing line) and I was low on my estimate. I got 175 points, which was just 3 off of my best performance on any of the practice tests, so that’s pretty cool.

I even got a perfect 20/20 on a section where the average score was 12.8/20 (identifying the onyomi and kunyomi structure of words, whether it’s on-on, on-kun, kun-on, or kun-kun).

Here’s a kitty that I saw yesterday.



yup~ im also love 訓音 guessing section and get perfect too~☆ミ it’s effortless fastest section アイウエ also thank’s it’s easier because wanikani in my mind~


Congrats, looks like all your studying really paid off! Plus, the certificate is way cool!

btw, when do you estimate you’ll reach lvl 60 here?



If I don’t have any delays (which I probably won’t since it’s summer vacation right now) I should be level 60 at 7:00PM Japan Time on August 3rd. I just leveled up an hour ago, so a little less than a week from now to level up 2 more times.


Congrats! And well done on being so close to the end :slight_smile:.


Are you planning to go directly to 4級 or skip a level?