Anyone else doing terribly on reviews after update

Just wondering if it was just me.

Finally reached level 60 last August after years…my reviews weren’t ever that highly accurate as I don’t know what happened I feel like my brain can’t remember or focus enough anymore to remember all these mnemonics.

I know most from muscle memory but I have others I get wrong constantly. The update changing all the mnemonics and stuff just made this worse. I know I can’t go back and I am not saying I want to I’m just curious as to others experiences.

I think just the sheer amount of reviews means I don’t have time to sit and read all of the sometimes long or nonsensical mnemonics (for some of the harder kanji, the mnemonics that arent good) so I just try to brute force it into my head.

I pretty much just want to continue to keep kanji OK because I want to pass N1. I have failed it a few times and I’m just sick of the test and want to beat it. Study has become more of a grind. I also find my Japanese in other areas is slipping.

If anyone’s had this, how have you improved retention and accuracy?

I like to go straight to the point with mnemonics. If the mnemonic uses “doughnuts” because of どう I’ll rarely bother remembering more than, for example, 堂 = “doughnuts”. The long stories just tend to confuse me and make me focus on completely irrelevant stuff.

If I fail something often enough I treat it as a lesson because the first time clearly didn’t work. Maybe I’ll actually try using WK’s mnemonic, if I hate it I might make one myself, or I’ll search on Jisho for some vocab that may tickle my fancy. My reading mnemonic for 喜 is 欣喜 because it’s just too perfect, despite not being a WK vocab and 欣 probably not being a WK kanji.

If you have a lot of those at the same time, you may want to use a review reorder script so you can focus on just a small number of items at once.

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