Any ideas for the struggles of a N3?

It’s hard to compensate for not living in Japan and experiencing the language directly. Like you, I don’t have that. Still, I think there’s plenty of other helpful things you can do. ^^

You don’t mention listening practice, but maybe that’s a puzzle piece that can push you further. :headphones: :notes:

The good thing about listening is that you’ll get exposed so language use that you might have struggled with in reading. But now you can just focus on comprehension. I’ve found listening to be very helpful for acquiring grammar and vocab, with no cramming involved.

Just find something you find enjoyable, whether that’s podcasts, YT, radio, interviews, news, or drama CDs. ^>^ :headphones:

You might find something here:

Also, maybe up the level of the media you consume. As in, rather than going for a contemporary drama → historical drama, sci-fi, political intrigue, or murder mystery or. Or try news media.

The more complex the setting and context, the more difficult the language use usually is. With sci-fi there’s all that special vocab and technical terminology; for historical drama - old grammar and vocab. Murder mystery gives you lots of logical reasoning and facts to keep track of.

And finally, have you tried playing any games in Japanese? :video_game: That’s also challenge on multiple levels. Try finding a not too action oriented game with time for you to actually read the dialogue. It might be more accessible than facing a wall of text/book kind of reading challenge - with still plenty of stuff to learn.

Good luck with your studies! :slight_smile: