Any idea when the WaniKani Anki Mode userscript will begin to work again?

The title says it all, I would really like to be able to use this one userscript which has stopped working since the update, was wondering if anyone has a fix to get it working or if there is something I missed relating to how long it will be broken

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I would normally suggest you post this question in the respective script thread, as only the script creator can answer this question.

But, seeing as they haven’t been on the forums since 2014, I would instead suggest you head over to:

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This one? Hopefully it would be back soon.

There might be the native mark wrong / Double Check update in the future. Hopefully this will facilitate non-native ones / Anki mode, as well.

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If you are using the one I’ve made. I replied in the thread on my script. Unfortunately it is bad timing. I am currently in Japan till the 9th so I won’t be able to work on a fix until I get back.


Oh thank you, it is the one I use. Hope you have a good rest of your trip and good luck on the fix once you return!