[Android] Leap for WaniKani Demo (Native, Offline, No Web)

I too try to use the OLD OLD (not even on Google Play anymore, I keep copying the SDK file over to new phones) “WaniKani Mobile” app that hasn’t been supported since before I used it on the first phone (2 phones ago, 5-6 years ago when I first joined WK!).

Honestly, the only things I’m looking for in an app are the ability to do a batch (or a few batches) of reviews online, have the app save the state (results) of what I’d done (right/wrong, etc - supposed to go from Guru to Master) and then send it up to WK when I DO have connectivity - even if it means the next set are pushed back an hour or so (better than waiting 8-11 hours when I get home from work). (I too attempt Subway review sessions, and since I’m with the carrier with signals in the stations, sometimes I can get about half a short session in, but I might have to redo 1/3 or half of my inputs at the next connection point). Notifications of when reviews are available (the old app has a threshold - so I only get a notification for 5+ reviews). And finally, because it’s on mobile, the IGNORE script being a feature, for when I inevitably type too fast and こんにちは turns to きんにちは.

That’s it. Anything else is BONUS. Doesn’t even have to “look pretty” - in fact, a simple sleek design (like what you already seem to have going from those gifs) is nice and functional enough for me.

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