Am I taking too much time to learn?

It’s what I’m doing :slight_smile: I don’t care about accuracy much, but I’m not performing too bad (yet).
I find WK does it’s job pretty well :wink:


Alright then.
I’ll have a go at progressing faster (I have like 74 lessons lying in wait, but I’m sure that’s not as bad as it gets), and see if it works for me.
(Thanks for the quick replies!)

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Do your lessons intelligently.

The system lets you lvlup when 90% of the kanji for the level are guru’d. You’ll get a new batch of kanji after you guru your radicals, which takes a while (3.5d).
So, do your radicals ASAP, then work on the kanji and vocab over the next 3.5 days, then finish the new stuff.

No need to do it all at once. Get the Reorder script and go to town.


I agree! But we still need to factor in one’s overall study methods and schedule.

@Dungeoneer64, I’d suggest trying to increase your daily number of lessons slowly (and by slowly I mean over the course of a few weeks or more) and see what feels right. You don’t want to be too comfortable, because you want to challenge yourself. That’s how you learn. But you also don’t want to overwhelm yourself because then you may want to quit. So just keep trying different things and you’ll figure out what works best for you soon enough, as long as you keep at it. :slight_smile:


I’ve installed it with Tampermonkey (I use Chrome), but it doesn’t seem to work - I don’t remember the exact problem, my next review is in 2 hours, but it wouldn’t load. Might just be some dumb mistake on my part though

Also, if you haven’t already, I recommend reading through @jprspereira’s guide. There’s some excellent tips in there.

My Journey of 368 days (+ The Ultimate Guide for WK 📖 )


you might need another script to make it work. lemme do a quick check.

I’ve already installed the WaniKani Open Framework script, if that’s what you’re thinking of

Here, get this

Okay, then someone more knowledgeable than me is needed to help you fix it :slight_smile:

Will do!


Try reordering the scripts, maybe? i have these two right at the top, so they have priority.

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Hey there.

I started out pacing my lessons very cautiously as well, and it eventually levelled out to a point where I’m comfortable with the amount I’m learning a day and I’m getting dribbling of burns so my review amount has increased steadily rather than dramatically. I don’t think you’ll know how much you can handle til you have to handle it, but there’s nothing wrong with being slow and accurate and I think as long as you stick to it, either method will get you where you want to go in the end. 2c from a fellow slowpoke.

I’m doing roughly 9 day levels now (19 will be a little bloated because overhaul) but yeah you’ll either go too fast and want to slow up or start too slow and pick up the pace, it will naturally work itself out imo.

Edit: I was also doing mass grammar and copying a load of example sentences throughout all this though. WK is only one facet of learning after all. I think the general consensus is to have a couple of different learning materials is better than smashing 1 at the expense of other areas of learning.


I just remembered that Reorder Ultimate also affects lessons - it’s some kind of the problem with the loading.

I’ve just done this, and the result is still the same:


Yes, I’m using other resources at the same time, like BunPro and Genki to name a few.

You may not have the latest version.

Try installing this one.


Worked like a charm, thank you so much!

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There’s Vacation Mode though. There’s no point in doing your reviews if you can’t think straight due to the flu or whatever, it will do more harm than good IMO.

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Not a race, do it at a pace that is comfortable to you.

I also think speed varies between individual preferences anyway; too fast and you burn out, too slow and you lose interest. If you think your current pace is too slow, try adjusting it, but only you can know the sweet spot.

IMO: I don’t aim for 100%. Most of the kanji/words really only stick when put in context, so you should probably focus more on concrete learning (i.e reading/writing) than trying to 100% everything.


vacation mode stops the SRS timer, but it doesn’t stop memory rot. your brain has no vacation mode. better to do all the reviews while feeling like shit and having a low accuracy, than no accuracy, and a hammer to the face when you come back.

when you feel you’ll get sick, stop all lessons immediately.

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