After a long break, review workload is way more than I remember

Hey all. I started studying on Wanikani daily about 2 weeks ago, after a break of about 18 months. It took a long time to get through the 1100+ reviews, but I eventually did. Now, though, I find that I get an absurd amount of content to review. From friday to monday, I got over 500 terms to review. I’m burning them down, but they’re coming back incredibly quickly. Is this a normal workload I should expect, or is it due to my fairly recent return from break. (For reference, my score for a review session is almost always between 88-93%)

This sort of workload is normal if you do a lot of lessons in a short time, but in this case it’s probably just a side effect of those 1100 reviews. Just do however many reviews you are comfortable with each day, and eventually the numbers will get back under control.


I’ve gotcha. I usually do more reviews per day than I would like to, but that’s because I don’t stop for the day until I’ve gone over all available current-level Kanji and Radicals

You could try using a plug in to order your review queue by level, that way you are at least having some progress by being able to focus your effort a bit without having to remember all the items at once, once you get some right they don’t come back as much. if you keep getting them wrong it won’t get any better. This is most useful if the queue is too big it’s just not possible to empty it.

I had this problem too (3000+ review items) after a 3 year break, I ended up with just resetting my level by 10 levels. it goes very fast to work through the new items now, because I kinda half remember them, so new lessons progress quickly. it’s also a lot more enjoyable to have a managable review queue and a better score rate. nothing was really lost by doing that.

although your score rate seems to be good enough to just be able to do them all (as long as items progress), if you are able to actually empty your queue regularly.


that looks like a relatively normal amount of reviews to me. assuming one does 10 lessons per day, with 100% accuracy, one would eventually (once burns start) have 80 reviews per day. add in some errors in reviews, and about 100 reviews per day seems pretty reasonable.

having recently gone through a large pile of reviews will of course mess up that calculation, and you might clumps of reviews coming up from going through that pile. ordering reviews by srs level can help spread out those clumps, as it allows you to postpone some of the higher-level reviews for a day or two.

long-term, the way to regulate how many reviews you have is to limit your daily lessons. either just do a predetermined number of lessons per day (for me that’s 10), or limit your lessons so that the number of apprentice items stays below a certain number (100 seems to be a common choice).

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That’s usual daily workload :smiley:

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