Adjusting Radical Level

First 4 paragraphs are preface, actual request is in the fifth.

Hi, I originally started by following your guide of Tofugu before ending up here. But before I actually came here I decided to take a shot at learning on my own to save money. In this attempt I decided to start with all the radicals.

After memorizing 390 radicals from your kanji reference spreadsheet at Kanji Radicals Reference - Google Sheets I took a look ahead at what I would do once I reached the bottom…and realized that my current practice of running through flashcards of everything daily would be unsustainable. (evidence for this would be the 100% accuracy on nearly all radicals to date, with the exceptions caused by typos)

From there I glanced at some of the spaced repetition learning options in your artical about it, and eventually chose this one, as I would otherwise be liable to waste a lot of time and efficiency fiddling with whatever deck I chose.

I have absolutely loved the program so far, and have just reached level three. While I was an unpaying customer I worked with what I had and was thankful for it, but as I look at spending a significant amount of money (at least to me, a student) I was hoping you, or anyone really, could help with one request.

since I have, on my own time, memorized almost all the radicals you use, is there any way I could skip these radicals straight to guru level, so that it doesn’t eat up time I would like to spend learning new kanji. I don’t want them above guru as I studied them for 2 weeks and may still forget them in the long run, but don’t want them in apprentice as they serve as a useless roadblock to my learning at the moment.

Thank you for a great app

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Sadly, there is not. Lots of us come here with prior knowledge; you just have to power through.


That’s quite alright. I’m not truly in a hurry beyond money reasons. I figured it would be best to ask about the possibility.

Thank you for the quick response!

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Mostly just confirming what Kumirei said, but yeah, there’s no way to skip SRS levels for any content, unfortunatley. If you only wanted to advance them to Guru, though, you can get new radicals there fairly quickly, so there’s that at least.


Really though, the radicals are more concentrated earlier in the program. They’ve been the simplest part of Wanikani for me to do, since there’s only the meaning to remember. Radicals do lock content for a few days, but there should be plenty of lessons to do while you wait for that.

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