[add-on request] An addon that immedietly shows you the second item if you get the first right

for example if u get the meaning of a kanji/vocab right, it shows the reading.
When i do WK, i do it in quick incriments. sometimes i only do the reading, and stop completly, and its as if i did absolutly nothing.  I dont see how it interferes with the SRS at all because it only happens if u get it right

Personally, I prefer it if they are not together. There are a lot of similar kanji, so having it mixed up keeps me from cheating myself. If the second part showed up immediately after the first one, I wouldn’t be thinking about recognizing it, I’d already know what the next kanji will be. It’s important to be able to recognize the words/kanji so I feel like keeping it a little separated is a good thing.

I think there is a reordering script to do this, but don’t quote me on it

It’s not an add-on that I would want.  Suppose I see the vocabulary meaning item for 魚 and I type and enter the correct answer, “fish.”  If I see the reading さかな from my answer and RIGHT AFTER THAT I get the reading item for the vocabulary 魚… how would it accurately test my long-term memory if the answer was, just a few seconds before, imprinted in my short-term memory?

If there is a good benefit for that add-on, I’m all ears.  Isn’t the point of this site to improve our long-term vocabulary recall rather than our level number?  Personally if I get a vocabulary meaning correct but I can’t remember the reading that will come up after my vocabulary item, I refrain from clicking on the “additional information” button to study ahead the reading.

this is only if u get it right, cuz when i see a kanji i think of its reading and meaning at the same time. if i know the meaning i’ll probably know the reading as well, so it saves so much time in case you stop doing review.

the biggest example of where it annoys me is when im doing an item im about to burn. i clearly know what the reading and meaning is, but sometimes i end up not finishing it, and i have to do it again.

I’ve resorted to spaming through review with As except for the stuff that i know upon looking at it to lessen my review load, then going to a different browser, and actually trying to remember. if the add on never gets made i’ll probably just do that

This is basically what you’re looking for, use “Single mode”:


Most reordering scripts that allow radicals/kanji first also do this “single mode”. The main benefit (IMO) is when you have many reviews and not so much time, it’s more convenient that the wrap-up feature (working only in increments of 10).
I actually don’t use this because I try not to get too many reviews at the same time making it not really a problem for me.

if i see 魚, and i know what it means, i’ll immediately think fish and さかな.if i didn’t know what the answer was, it would just continue as if nothing happened. I don’t think anything meaningful happens when I get something right, go through a bunch of other vocabulary items, then see the reading and get it right immediately, which is why i say it doesnt harm the SRS

WaniKani Improve does that. It can reorder stuff too I think but I don’t use this feature.
Edit: never mind, I only read the title and I thought you wanted to go to the next item without having to type enter.

just tried singles mode. problem with that is that if u get something wrong it does the same one over and over again till u get it right. I just refresh in those cases because refreshing doesnt screw you over anymore in the short term :). to get around this i’m probably going to use singles mode and do everything i know already, refreshing if i get it wrong, then when i get through that i go through my review as normal to try to learn the ones i don’t know. Thank god for refreshing. It would still be useful if someone could make the app i suggested.

EDIT: it also forces me to do radicals then kanji then vocab. i dont like that

omg theres been an option for this on my phone this whole time, and i never knew it

Several things I want to point out here:

- Doing both the readings and the meanings for a character only increases the time you spend by a factor of 2. Unless you’re trying to cram in reviews during stops at traffic lights, it shouldn’t impact the time you need to finish items significantly. You seem to be implying that you’re only interested in reviewing one or two specific words during each session (which I hope is not the case), and ignoring a whole bunch you don’t care about.

- This may be different for you, but I (and probably many other people) do not automatically get readings right if I know the meaning, and vice versa. In fact, it is sometimes possible to ‘guess’ the reading of unknown words from radicals in the kanji or similarity to other kanji, and certainly possible to know the meaning without remembering the reading.

- I have no idea what you mean by refreshing incorrect reviews, but it doesn’t sound like something you should be doing.

Actually, what you probably want isn’t for Wanikani to show you the readings with the meanings, but to let you enter both readings and meanings at the same time for each item, and grade them together.

-i normally do like 10 minute sessions on the bus and at school, if i use the normal way every session there’s at least 5 items that i do half way before i stop. those 5 items could be 5 less in my review queue. it really makes a difference

-yeah not for every single item i know, but for the majority, yes i do see it automanically

- because it locks me to only do one item i refresh when i get it wrong, so i don’t check the answer and write it down immediately.

Wait… are you just closing the review screen when there are still items left?! You need to press the small clock button on the far left, ‘finish up mode’ I think it’s called. There are always ten items queued up during a review session. The clock button will stop any more items being added and you just finish up those ten, which includes any items which are only half done.