A website for creating/practicing your own SRS decks?

So, basically I am looking for an Anki alternative in website form like Wanikani. I have tried using Anki many times but I can’t form a habit like I can do with WK where it is as simple as just opening my browser, typing w and going to it. Seemingly it is easier for me to form a habit if it is in a website form.

Are there any suggestions?

In development by a member of the forums

There’s also Memrise and Houhou.


Houhou is only the application right? I have used it before but similar to Anki, I can’t form a habit of opening it every single time.

For Memrise, I did think about creating a personal “course”, but is there a way to set it up so it only works like WK (Q&A type)?

Seriously, @Kumirei’s suggestion is where it’s at. Kitsun. Won’t take long for it to be ready too.

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