A brick wall made of Grammar and Sentence structure has appeared!

I am in the same boat and I just boarded the grammar train using Genki. I don’t expect to learn a lot if I don’t have anyone to speak to or listen to in Japanese.

Thankfully, I have a friend who studied Japanese before I did and we’ll be starting a weekly call with conversations in Japanese in the next few months.

What I don’t want is rushing the learning process and end up forgetting them in the long run since application in my case is scarce. So, I’ll attempt both ways (kanji/vocab using WK and grammar/structure) at my own pace as long as I’m get the bits and pieces along the way, no rush, just happily studying and learning. :slight_smile:

…this is also because I don’t expect to visit Japan this year as well due to pandemic. Sad.


You may already be past this point, but maybe it will solidify your understanding:


I had a basic understanding of word order but this helped so much more than I thought it would. The way everything was explained was very simple and logical. Same with all the particles that were shown, it helped me solidify my knowledge of them.
Thank you so much for showing me this :smiley:

If anyone else is struggling with Sentence structure I highly recommend reading this.

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I constantly run into these walls.
Unfortunately my progress is slow.
If I compare myself year to year then I see the difference but not month to month.

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