365 Days since I started, 365 days I have studied

Great work! You’ve got this.

I’m in a similar boat (about 6 months behind you) where I started full speed (I had a little more time) but have since slowed down in part because I will begin work on my doctorate this fall (while still working full time) so I know I’ll have less time. The consequences of rushing early on are still weighing on me (I keep falling behind on my reviews) but I keep plugging away each and every day.


I’m pretty sure those kanji are being learned because they are common in names - that’s why 藤 (wisteria) has its ふじ reading learned despite not really being used much in actual words aside from a specific shade of purple.
To be fair, I am annoyed at how much time wanikani spends teaching non-jouyou kanji though in some places I think it’s fine - 狼 (wolf) is a jinmeiyou kanji but the common word it represents is rarely written in kana.

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Just wow.

All you guys are so inspiring and motivational, I needed that tons, thank you soo much!

*Sniff sniff *

See y’all on level 60 @slerched , @kuchikopi , @irabuyu , @dym0c , @gabruoy , @YumeMori , (and of course anyone else who wants to reach level 60!!).



haha, added to the accountability list…


@kuchikopi What’s the accountability list? Is my progress being tracked now? :smiley:

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@Saimin - not having a signal is only once piece of the problem. The other is my wife would not be happy with me if I spent 20-60 minutes in a state park, with her doing nothing, while I am doing my kanji. She already thinks I spend too much time on kanji :smiley: She has never told me to stop though; she just lets it go since she knows it’s been a dream for a long time.

@gabruoy - Great minds think alike! :rofl:

There is no reason to worry about where everyone else is on the WK journey from a “am I going fast enough” perspective. You go at your pace. As long as you learn something every day, you are learning. It could take you 2 years to reach the next goal but as long as you don’t give up/in, you WILL make it.

I already know I can’t take a break. As soon as I stop WK for a day, I know it will snowball from there. I’ve failed too many times to not realize and accept my limitations. :exploding_head:

@YumeMori - Only one clarification; I have never lost the spark of the desire to learn. What I’ve lost too many times in 20+ years is the spark to keep me going. I lit the fuse, it exploded and after a great, explosive start, I would just… stop. I am inherently lazy, sadly. Having that streak stare me in the face is a great reminder to keep moving.

I wonder what will happen when I hit Level 60 and, assuming I take it that far, Burn everything? Will be sad to see that streak whither but I know I will be keeping up on Japanese with SOMETHING after that. I have to.

@danarchy - full time work and keeping up with this has been a chore, I don’t envy you also piling on doctorate work! Even if you slow down to 5 lessons at a time, keep moving. You can do this!

@KiwiSmint - GET OUT OF HERE AND GET BACK TO YOUR LESSONS! :smiley: Yes, that is a joke. :wink:

Stick around, enjoy the company, and if you ever need help, want to scream, want to cry, or want to hide from your kanji learning, stop on in and we can help!


It is now! lol

No since Slerched wanted to write here to hold themselves accountable I said I was marking down his name so I could keep an eye out for his level 60 post whenever it happened. Then I kept adding more names. Not a bad thing, just an “I’ll be keeping my eye out for you at the top”


I needed a little positivity myself today so thanks…thank you for keeping me focused on the good people here.


Thank you. It is great to know “I am not alone.”


Welcome, welcome to this beautiful community! :smile: :confetti_ball:

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Great post, thanks for sharing. Cheering for you!