3月のライオン(March Comes in Like a Lion), Chapters 1-3

It sounds like there is a ton of varied context in there just waiting for me when I get to reading this chapter!


Honestly, I’m kind of relieved there’s so much discussion about those two sentences. When I saw no one had posted about them I was thinking “Are these sentences trivial? Am I just dumb?” :sweat_smile:


Usually everyone reads it, assumes they understand and carries on. And then someone (you in this case) actually asks and we discover everyones interpreted it differently. And then hopefully most of us end up learning something :slight_smile:


Yeah usually If I have trouble with something, but eventually come to an understanding I’ll still post about it because I love discussions like these. :slight_smile:


Bookwalker → print page fomula is print = bw - 3 so print pages from here. I’ll edit my last post.

Page 32

What are ボウズ and コロン here? And タベ further down too.

Can someone with a print copy tell what the kanji furigana on the あっち is?

Overall thoughts on chapter:

Seems pretty interesting. Not sure how I feel about Rei as a character. He’s kinda the standard troubled angsty youth anime protag, but I could see him becoming a good character. It’s also still only chapter one so I should give it time.

This one’s a bit more difficult than the other stuff I’m reading, and the lack of furigana is kind of annoying (big thanks to everyone who filled out the vocab sheet). But it’s exciting to keep pushing boundaries!

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ボウズ (坊主) is usually a informal way in which older people can refer to boys. Jisho lists this as “boy, sonny, lad” (meaning number 3)

コロン, not too sure about this one, but as far as I understand, is the onomatopoeic word for falling or tumbling, as in “he dropped asleep instantly”

タベ is actually 夕べ (kanji 夕, not katakana “ta” タ ); it means “last night”

Wondering the same thing, the quality of the digital version for some furigana is sadly really low =._.=


One of my favorite things in Honey and Clover is seeing the slow growth of Yuuta, one of the main characters. Although I don’t think it was apparent early on, he’s shown to be something of an angsty character over time. He begins to grow out of it later in the series.

Of course, we can’t take events from one series and use them to predict events in another series by the same author, I have a feeling that any character flaws will become strong story material, with natural progression, over time. A manga that runs for many volumes has an advantage in that respect over an anime that needs to segment into airing seasons.


He’s troubled and angsty, but it’s not really in the standard shounen way…it’s more a story of him learning to cope than a “this is why he’s motivated” or “pity this guy his life sucks” kinda gimmick.

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I agree. His back story is pretty steriotypical for Manga, but the character is not.
I’ve started watching Honey and Clover, and the theme she explores in that series seems to be “unrequited love,” whereas the theme in this Manga send to be “motivation,” which is a really interesting and unusual theme.

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The tiny kanji says


Hi, y’all!

When I created the Vocabulary spreadsheet, I used the Anki Deck I created to pre-study the words.

I wanted to do that for Chapter 2, but I’ve updated my desktop, and I can no longer use the weird method I used to convert an .apkg file into a spreadsheet!

If anybody knows how to do this, here’s the .akpg file.

I’ve converted it - is this what you want it to look like? I was quite surprised at first, but the Anki deck looks the same to me, so…
My bad, I misinterpreted Anki’s options… Now it should look like what you expect.

Eh? Where do I go to see the converted file?

I’ve inserted it into the vocab spreadsheet. Was that not your intention?

Nope, that’s perfect! You were just a step ahead of me. I’ve re-orderd it to be consistent (Kanji, Kana, Definition). Now, I just have to go through and delete the [furigana] in the Kanji Column. Any help on that is welcome!

Also–how did you do it? I’ll probably be doing this every week…

Thank You!

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I was just about to say, let me see if I can remove those. No need to do that manually :sweat_smile:

Edit: All done :slight_smile:

Here is how you do it:

  1. Export from Anki: In the Deck overview, under the deck’s cogwheel, there is “Export”. Select “Notes as plain text”. This gives you the fields separated with tabs.

  2. Import in Google Spreadsheet: File → Import, then select “Upload” and drag the file from step 1. You can create a new spreadsheet and copy the stuff over, or you can create a new sheet beforehand and let it put the stuff in there. For the import options, you can select “Tabs” but auto-detect should do as well. For the third option, select “no” when it asks to create formulas and numbers.

  3. Some fields had a funny outline, so I selected everything and used the toolbar button 田 to remove all outlines from all fields.

  4. Remove the furigana brackets: Select the column in question, open “Find and Replace” (don’t know where that is, I went through the search in the Help menu :rofl:). Fill it in as follows:
    Find: \[.*\]
    Replace: leave empty
    Tick “Search using regular expressions”
    You can let it replace all, but I’m usually too scaredy-cat so I first “Find” and then “Replace” until all are done.

  5. Remove the “meaning” annotation: Same “Find and Replace” option, just with a different column. Fill it in as follows:
    Find: meaning (to get a very clean result you can add a space before the word)
    Replace: leave empty
    Don’t tick any boxes

And that’s it!


Chapter 2 Discussion Starts Here!

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Here is a Link to the Vocabulary Sheet.

Also, here is a link to the first entry in the home thread (the home of the schedule), and the latest entry in the Home Thread, in case that’s where you wanted to be.

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Not complaining or anything, but text is so crammed in this manga I feel like I’m reading a novel…


Just yesterday I reflected on this and came to the conclusion that this is one of the aspects why I like that manga so much :joy_cat: (I often have a hard time understanding what happens in manga, I’m more the book person, so this is a very nice manga for me…) Also, it reveals so much of the inner monologue and thoughts and feelings of our protagonist!


I felt like this as well! I was tired last night and thinking I’d fit in one book club reading, and I thought a chapter of a manga would be an easy choice… I may have to go back and read this again because by the end I was about nodding off trying to get through all the words in my sleepy state. :smiley: