極限脱出 9時間9人9の扉 (Zero Escape: 999) 🗝 (Visual Novel Book Club) // Currently Reading!

Re: spoilers I suggested 3 first because I like Sub as a first ending, but if we want to swap it out for Knife I would not be opposed.


Yeah I like the idea of knife first!

so like @natarin said the doors this time would be 486 which leads to knife


@natarin @AAABatteries @meagstudies

This sounds good to me.


Week 4 is posted!

On previous discussions, spoilers ahead: I went with door 8 for now; from there we could just swap sub and knife and keep the rest of the order the same, or if anyone has other particular preferences we could consider those as well. As of now though sounds like we’re going for knife first!


Week 5 is posted!


Week 6 is posted!


IIRC there’s a 3 post in a row limit or something? Just gonna help break it up by saying thanks for all of your effort in running this; you’re doing a fantastic job. I really appreciated how thoroughly you compiled stuff in the posts. :grin:

Edit: Come to think of it, there’s an exception if you created the thread I think. Oh well :sweat_smile:


Alright, I’ve just finished the potential assignment for the coming week (since I have time now that finals are over yay! :tada:) and it’s… short :joy: for reference it took me about 50 minutes which is quite a bit less than the others have been. However, it also (slight structural spoiler) ends with our first ending, which makes me somewhat hesitant to add on additional scenes.

So… we have a few options I can think of. One, we could just do a short week as a sort of rest time/catch-up week, potentially aiming to ramp up the speed a bit in the near future. Two, we could add on more scenes regardless, though that would require figuring out some other things before finalizing due to the aforementioned slight structural spoilers. Three, we could keep the upcoming week short and try to do a bit more the following week (week 8) to make up for it, in which case I could potentially post week 8 a bit early so people can balance time between the two.

I’m open to any other suggestions as well, so let me know what you guys think! I’ll put a poll here as well to get a general idea:

What should we do for the upcoming readings?
  • Keep week 7 short
  • Add more scenes to week 7
  • Keep week 7 short, but add more to week 8 to make up for it
  • Other (please explain)
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Aw thank you so much :') that’s really nice to hear! It’s been a lot of fun, I’m doing my best :muscle:


I’m really behind and would love a catch up week so I’m going to vote for the keep it short option


I’m voting for both short options entirely because this is the week Tears of the Kingdom comes out haha. So I’m very willing to see it extended if it comes to that, but I guess we already have support in the catch up direction.


Week 7 is posted!

I’m keeping at the shorter length for now which seems like what people are leaning toward anyway, but if there’s strong opposition we can re-evalute.

That’s so valid honestly :joy: just used my voucher for it earlier, very exciting stuff :eyes:

Lemme get off topic for a moment

Nice! Those vouchers are so good, especially with the price raised on the game. I did the same. Are you doing it in Japanese or English? I think I’m going to try to roll with Japanese for the extra exposure and then I can feel like I’m being productive while playing another videogame haha.

off topic

I preordered physical but that means I have to wait for it to arrive in the mail :sob: starting to wish I’d just gotten digital even though I prefer physical.

I’m going to still have time for ZE next week because I’ll be done with college but Zelda might take up a lot of time haha, can’t even use the language learning excuse because I’m playing in English

off topic club

That’s the real trick :laughing: I’m currently leaning towards English since that’s how I did the majority of my Breath of the Wild time, and so I can keep up with my friends playing it better, but man it’s always tempting to pick up another Japanese challenge… I’ve fooled myself into so much Japanese gaming productivity already though :joy:

But that’s awesome, I hope it goes well! I definitely wanna go back and play more Breath of the Wild in Japanese one day :eyes:

Woo same hat, congrats!! Always nice to have a bit of a break to fill with nonsense :tada:

I’m really glad it didn’t come out before I was done with finals lmao, that definitely would’ve been dangerous :laughing:


Alright I’m looking into next week’s assignment, so I wanted to double-check what people are feeling regarding route order (spoilers ahead): if we just swap out knife like we briefly discussed before we’d be going for sub next, which would mean going through door 3 which is fine, but I wanted to see how everyone feels about that since as previously discussed that’s definitely not the neutral choice. Just to reiterate, the other paths we’d discussed before getting into endgame things were 432 for sub and 571 for axe, so unless we change things we’d be doing 432 next. I’m flexible personally, so if anyone has any particular feelings please let me know!


I think that 432 is fine. The first route backtracked to door 3 anyway, and we eventually have to go thru both door 7 and 8. Door 3 is the only one that isn’t technically required so it’d be a shame to miss it


I just noticed you forgot to link week 7 in the op here, and also forgot to add the link to week 6. Might be something you’d want to do tomorrow when you do all the week 8 stuff. ^^

Great job, organizing the VN, btw. I know how much work it can be. Love the polls you put up each week. ^^


Week 8 is posted!

On previous route order discussions (spoilers again): there hasn’t been any opposition to doing 432 next so that’s what we’re going with!

Oops, sure did :sweat_smile: thank you! Much appreciated :blush:


Since the general VN club discussions have me thinking about it, I wanted to see: are people interested in continuing this series as a club? This would still be a ways off (though July will be here before I know it I’m sure :joy:); it still feels pretty early in the game to be making these decisions, but it’s something to keep in mind! The next game is longer than this one (vndb estimated 33h compared to 21h for 999), so that’s a factor to consider as well.

Anyway if people are interested in continuing (whether scheduled or otherwise) I’d be willing to host, so just something to think about as we go on!


Oh yeah I would be! Honestly I’m enjoying 999 and originally I got the pack with the trilogy and it even contained AI: The Somnium Files too :joy: . Looking back on it it was a terrific deal for like only 22 eur. But yes at least I’d like to finish the Zero Escape trilogy, I already got it anyways, even better with other people.

Also, I’m all caught up (but haven’t read this week yet) with 999 so I’m back for the weekly discussions, finally. Just no point adding much commentary to the previous threads at this point but will do again from now onwards.