文豪ストレイドッグス わん! (Bungou Stray Dogs Wan!) – Volume 3

Chap 50

Being a long time since we saw Kenji as the main character in the story. He was right the frog was really cute. The mushroom though. They were there because it was the rainy season right? Kunikida did not grow them. I like to think Dazai just put them there to help Kenji.

Chap 51

I like the kindergarten story. The order of the drawing is still mixing me up. Only read the right side for 3 pages then read the left side. I don’t get that artistic choice.

Chap 52

The cleaning monster. I wish he does not come to my room.:eyes:
Is this an eternal dirty room? I’m surprised it not worse than it was.

Always the same people getting all the special things. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I-i bought Re: Zero for you! :joy:
No, but really, constant exposure to book club threads definitely raised my interest, so it is because of you :grinning:
And I’m really very thankful that you’re so consistent with your comments here each week :white_heart::white_heart::white_heart:


If I understood correctly, Dazai grew them and then moved them from his apartment to the office :mushroom:
Still, rainy season is scary :grimacing: I’m glad I only know it from fiction.


I have a problem with understanding what exactly Dazai did here. Why was the room so messy? Did he steal the sweets? And then… brought them back? I’m confused :exploding_head:


Yes, it was terrifying :scream: He’s happy living like this, he’s living alone, just let it go! I was especially sad when the face from the dirt on the wall got destroyed. :frowning_face:
@Whologist, as a sworn Kunikida fan, what did you think about this chapter?

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After I wrote my comment so no count :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

It’s easy when you follow the schedule. I read then comments. It’s much harder when I am faster because I don’t have that will to share as much or can’t because I know what will happen or I forgot stuff. This is why I try to follow the schedule as much as I can. That and I experienced empty thread which are sad so…

Answer to Aislin

I lived through rainy season and it’s not scary. It’s just always raining for two weeks or so. Imagine a cloudy day when it can rain at any moment. Think about it for 2-3 weeks. That is rainy season.

Can I have a picture? I suppose you mean when the room was empty and they all wondered who did it. I’m not exactly sure what he did. He made a surprise. “You thought all the candy were stolen? It was me Dazai. It was a joke” or something. I think they said the candy were intact. I would like an explanation too is someone have it.

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Yes this \o/ :sparkles:
My uncle actually found a mushroom in his shower once in England… :thinking: Or at least claims to have.
So I guess it could be done maybe…

He just destroyed the room to scare all of them and give them a “surprise.” My guess is he did it so Ranpo could solve the mystery and they could all get along (Because Ranpo didn’t want to play with them originally lol)
BABY KUNIKIDA’S ANGY FACE THOUGH :pleading_face: :point_right: :point_left:

I love it :sob: :heart: It’s cute that he decided to come help a former detective clean and cook because he cares about him :pleading_face: I love how at the end he just immediately wrecks the room again, all his hard work :sob:


I don’t know. I’ve lived through some periods of constant rain for 2-3 weeks, but when I read about Japanese rainy season, people are always talking about mould. Food rotting, clothes rotting, furniture rotting. That’s what’s most scary for me. And this chapter supports these tales, because apparently these mushrooms were something realistic for characters, even if exaggerated for comedy purposes.

I guess that’s what confused me, because Ranpo was starting getting along with them anyway just before that.

Thank you!


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I’ve read only 2 chapters so far, but that already generated a multiple questions, so I decided to divide my this-week’s-post into parts.

#53 - comments

This panel made me giggle. And it was so heart-warming. It’s good thing to be… qualified as a human :wink:

#54 - comments

… I was honestly worried about chapter focusing on “discovering Q’s gender”, but actually it had a pretty nice conclusion.

I also think it’s… interesting that Mafia’s HQ has 多目的トイレ.

By the way, non-binary protagonist of FukaBoku (next beginner book club’s pick) also uses 多目的トイレ because they don’t want to decide on either gendered one… and I have issues with that, because 多目的トイレ is supposed to be equipped with stuff useful for people in a wheelchair and similar, and it seems not right to snatch it away if you’re physically healthy, buuut I think that a discussion about that will be more fitting in FukaBoku book club. I just wanted to notice the same situation across two series and I guess rant a little about it :wink:

And also I wanted to comment on jisho’s definition of 甘党 - person who prefers sweet things to alcoholic drinks; person with a sweet tooth​
but… but… alcoholic drinks can also be sweet? :pleading_face:

#53 - questions
  1. Page 122 - I can’t find katakana word in any dictionary. It’s probably something stupid and obvious. :confounded:

  2. Page 125 - I feel like I’m missing on a joke - why would anyone be offended because of this note? I understand Kunikida may feel embarrassed, but why he is drawn behind the bars? :astonished:

  3. Page 129 - I don’t understand this panel at all - I just want to understand a joke (again), I don’t need word-by-word translation:

#54 - questions
  1. Page 136 - what kind of movies are 暑苦しい movies? I found a dictionary definition of 暑苦しい, but I don’t see how it fits to any movie genre.
    Google Images gives me some idea, I guess, but if anyone have some experience about usage of this word, please share :slightly_smiling_face:

  2. Page 136 - I understand what 滅茶苦茶 and 充実 mean, but I can’t figure out what they mean together.

sigh at first I was hoping I was just tired but even after a rest I’m still confused.

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I didn’t see this until after I responded so ignore the random explaining you didn’t ask for :zipper_mouth_face: :heart:

…And I accidentally edited that into this post instead of making a new post and now my post is gone and I don’t know how to get it back…OOPS LMAO

Wait here it is


It’s 湿気る :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

“Kunikida’s daily life is senbei if you forgot to close the package and it got all soggy.”
Terrible translation but you get the point :rofl:

It said in the chapter that he’s going to a super secret meeting, and that no one can find out what’s talked about in it. So I guess saying he won’t lie and tell the truth makes it sound like he’ll spill their secrets.

今度は探偵社の広告にしてみたぞ - This time, I tried making our agency’s advertisement. (I assume this is what Dazai was supposed to be working on in the beginning)
About the Armed Detective Agency:

For those who are interested (おしりになる is the honorific form of 知る. お+verb stem+ になる)
こちらの番号まで XXX-XXXX-XXX
Please call XXX-XXXX-XXX
おしり also means butt so that’s why there’s butts everywhere I assume :laughing:
Honestly I could be wrong here but I think what he’s saying is
Did Kunikida do this on purpose, or am I imagining this…
Basically Dazai is reading it as “If you’d like to become a butt” because Kunikida didn’t use any kanji.
Dazai talks very informally so it’s difficult to tell but I think a regular version of this would be
Alternatively it could be translated as "Kunikida, why did you do this to me (Because you know I have a bad imagination.)
I hope that helps… :sweat_smile:

観てるだけで暑苦しい!キャラクターもストーリーもアツい!超絶暑苦しい映画10連発 | FILMAGA(フィルマガ)

I think I’d translate this as “They’re really enjoying that…”
Q is eating a crepe, which is considered a woman’s food. But they’re really enjoying it and 充実ing themselves, probably implying they’re stuffing their face. Which is something men are more likely to do. So I guess a less direct but more meaningful translation could be like “They’re stuffing their face though…”

I hope those help. Sorry if those are incorrect or not helpful |o/


The book is already finished? I will have to buy the next one then. I also need to buy other books so… good timing I guess.

Chap 53

Classic Dazai making jokes.

That was the joke. I was wondering why there was that kind of pamphlet there.

Chap 54

I was really wondering which gender he/she was. I knew they don’t say it in the anime either so the ending was obvious. But Q is so cute so I liked it.

Chap 54

The message Chuuya gave with the flower was really funny.


The one with the udon was in the anime this week. They really reordered it. The manga is longer so I prefer it.


It’s alright, I mean, I didn’t want anyone to spend too much time explaining this to me, but it’s not like it’s bad there’s an extra explanation :sweat_smile:

And I didn’t notice all this tragedy because it didn’t count as a new post, so I didn’t get a notification :sweat:
Yes, there is a history of all edits, thankfully. Or not thankfully if someone wants to hide something from posterity :sweat_smile:

Anyway, thank you very very very much! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

Reply to Whologist's explanation

Oh, I knew I was missing something! I thought that おしり seemed suspicious, but I couldn’t pinpoint what is the problem here.

Lol, I didn’t get the implication that “stuffing their face” is considered manly. :grin:

Once more - you were very very helpful!!! :bangbang:

Reply to icefang97 (#53 and #54 for now)

It’s always a relief when it’s not only me who didn’t get the joke. :sweat_smile:

There is a scene in Fifteen light novel where Dazai asks Mori about Q’s gender and Mori says he doesn’t remember and that he will check in the documents. (And since it’s a scene from the epilogue, there isn’t any follow up.)

And I’m still amazed about the fact that you find Q cute. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I think I’ll never get over it.

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Answer to Aislin

Is it though?

I mean look at him. Isn’t he precious? He looks so adorable with that little hat and his angelic smile. How can you tell me that is not cute. Ok fine he may have a slightly twisted personality but hey everyone has vice. 可愛いは正義だから許す。 Cmon don’t tell me you look at this picture and don’t find him adorable?
@Whologist you are with me on that one right? he his cute right? right~ :angry:

Btw I am saying he because he looks like a boy and the author on which he is based on his a guy. I easier to says he then he/she.


Yes Q is adorable!!! :sob::sob::sob: I actually am working on a fanfiction that centers around Q a lot and their cuter side… because I love their character. Design and personality :heart::heart:


I guess I’m outvoted ^^"
I’m mostly creeped out by their ability. Things that mess up with someone’s perception are really scary :grimacing:
So I have a hard time trusting this cuteness, because to me it seems artificial.

Also: yay, @Whologist has a new avatar!

#Ch55 comments

I was really charmed by the fact that Kunikida thoughts are exactly the same as his words. :revolving_hearts:

描き下ろし comments

Oh no, and here I was hoping we are far enough to be safe. (I’m behind with anime, because I was busy.)

At first I thought ベスト means “best” as in “the best suit” and then jisho suggested it’s just a vest in this case. xD It’s a good thing that at the end they finally discovered the existence of aprons/bibs… Because I wanted to scream at them about it the during the whole chapter ^^"

And I really like the self-representation of the Wan! illustrator from あとがき. This ball is charming.

#Ch55 questions

Page 143: The red fragment. I would like him to vanish…?

描き下ろし questions

Page 157: I’m confused what exactly are 文ストイヤー. Early name for Wan? But the black ball also mentions anime, movies and plays, so “everything BSD related”?

Page 158 - 以って挑め…?


Yeah their ability is terrifying lmao. Not to mention Port Mafia Dazai trained them so…it’s no wonder they turned out a “little” sadistic :laughing:
Similar to Akutagawa though, I feel like if they weren’t influenced by Dazai when he was in his dark times they probably wouldn’t be the way they are… So I guess I feel bad for them :sob:
I’m curious about the “incident” that led to them being locked up though…I hope a chapter/novel is released about it sometime.

Speaking of Kyuusaku…I tried my very hardest to get Pjs Q on Tales of the Lost but I could not :sob: But here’s a picture because it’s cute

Yes! :grin: It was actually my original avatar but I changed it to the other one for a while (Longer than I intended…)
It’s art my friend made of me for when I reached level 60 |o/ It’s me but dressed as my favourite singer Mafumafu (It’s Mawhomawho wheezes


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[quote=“Aislin, post:51, topic:48220”]
Page 143: The red fragment. I would like him to vanish…?
[/quote] Yeah that’s right ^^ It’s all complaints so they’re wishing for some person in their life to disappear (Sounds slightly murderous…)

文スト is a common shortening for Bungou Stray Dogs. (I’ve learned that while searching for art/二次創作 in Japanese :sweat_smile:
イヤー is year. So they’re calling it the Bungou Stray Dogs Year because of all the stuff that came out.

以って means “through means of”
以って - Jisho.org
so in this "Huh…I wonder if this is alright…Challenging you with(以って) my full power…

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I think they are the most sadistic person from the whole Mafia crowd and that’s the reason I’m so prejudiced. Even for a Mafia member, Q is a little… too much. As proved by the fact that they are locked now… Mm, I agree that it could make for a nice novel.

I may have say in the past that I don’t fully get Akutagawa appeal, but still, when comparing with Q, Akutagawa is much more understandable for me. At least his consistent with his way of expressing himself, he’s not a trap, concealed as a cute child, leading to a nightmarish terror…

As for the “if they weren’t influenced by Dazai” - I’m still hoping I’ll be able to talk about this when you get further in Beast ^^ It’s impossible to comment on this without at least light spoilers and I don’t know where you at right now. ^^"

There is one other WK user with an avatar really similar to your previous one, and I constantly needed to double-check your usernames when in a new topic. Thankfully, I never saw both of you in the same topic :sweat_smile:

Oh, so that’s Mafumafu from your user description! I was wondering what it means. ^^"
When I checked him on Utaite Wiki, at first I wasn’t sure if it’s a real person or a being like Hatsune Miku. But it seems he is real, he just stays anonymous?

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I wonder when I finally will be able to guess all these katakana traps myself.

Thank you for your help as always :heart:

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Yeah he’s an actual person :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: He tends to keep his face secret because when he first started he released too much information abuot himself and got a bunch of stalkers… He still does concerts live and stuff though!