文豪ストレイドッグス わん! (Bungou Stray Dogs Wan!) – Volume 3

This is Bungou Stray Dogs comedy manga spin-off Wan! reading club.
This thread is for discussing Volume 3.
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Everyone’s welcome, but knowledge of the main series is required to enjoy the spin-off.
(Bungou Stray Dogs itself is not comedy manga. Wikipedia lists it as action/mystery/supernatural.)

Schedule for Volume 3

Week Goal Start Date
Week #1 Chapters 41-43 January 4th
Week #2 Chapters 44-46 January 11th
Week #3 Chapters 47-49 January 18th
Week #4 Chapters 50-52 January 25th
Week #5 Chapters 53-55+描き下ろし February 1st

Reminders for Discussion:

  1. Please blur/hide any major events in the current week’s pages (however early they occur), like so: [spoiler]texthere[/spoiler]
  2. Feel free to discuss grammar, vocabulary, comprehension questions, as well as interesting plot details
  3. Include references (page, panel, character speech bubble, etc.) so that others can help you
  4. We’re all here to learn and read together, so share your thoughts and ask questions!

Vocabulary List Spreadsheet

Week 1: Chapters 41-43 (3 chapters)
Start Date: January 4th
Next Week: Week 2
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Vocabulary List Spreadsheet


Finally it’s back!!!

Chap 41

Dazai magic trick was better than expected. I was sure he just wanted to kill himself. Did Dazai just made the expense pass on the agency by calling it entertainment expense?

Chap 42

Nothing much to say except the dolls really showed the personalities of the one that made them.

Chap 43

Dazai just invented a story because he wanted to eat the tail of the fried shrimps. Personally, I don’t eat them because they don’t seem very edible. Eating it or not depends on the person. Atsuchi being a tiger is obviously gonna eat it all. Poor Akutagawa that got manipulated by Dazai again.


That was fast :astonished:


Yes, I think so :smiley:

My question is, how exactly did he escape? It somehow involved a… refrigerator?

Also, I misread this as ハート at first


I didn’t understand this panel

and I think it’s really lovely how Kyouka put all Agency’s dolls within this 豪華絢爛 stand.
(I dislike how Kouyou was raising Kyouka, so I may be a little prejudiced against her. I think Kouyou was a perfect mother/older sister figure for Chuuya, but not so much for Kyouka. So I’m happy that ADA’s dolls weren’t forgotten after the present arrived ^^)



I also don’t eat them, although I was always wondering how edible they are.
Also, it only it was this easy to end world hunger! I mean, plants do regrow and it doesn’t really help, because they still need resources and time to grow. :stuck_out_tongue: So it’s not the ability to regrow that’s the problem, but rather resources vs yield problem.


All the other bookclubs were on break so… Only that one to do. I like it since it’s easier than noraml book so it’s less painful for my head. I also only did Re Zero for the past 2 week or so. I was happy to have new stuff ha ha.

Answer to Aislin

I don’t think he ever gave the answer. He just said he got out of the refrigirator. My guess is magic.

What I undertood from it is that Atsuchin kind of knew what Dazai was gonna do. “He more or less read it.” In little you can read “It’s not the first time isn’t it? That guy”. To which Dazai reply don’t be rude.

Not sure how I feel bout it. Dazai and Kenji’s one are weird. It feel more like a thing for dead people than a 豪華絢爛 stand. In my opinion

About Kenji's dolls

Ah, I loved Kenji’s ones! :broccoli:
But I love practical things more than traditional ceremonies, so there’s that :sweat_smile:

And thanks for your help :heart:


I love the fact that they use うぞうぞ to describe Dazai’s dolls…
Truly h o t creatures.

It took me forever to figure out the shrimp tails chapter. Not because of the Japanese but because Dazai says “Watermelon should be fruit, but they are vegetables. So it’s not that far off to think that Shrimp could be vegetables too” (I think that’s about what he says…my book is upstairs so this was from my head. LOL)
And It took me forever bc I thought my Japanese was terrible but it turns out they just consider it a vegetable in Japan.
This led me down a rabbit hole of what fruit and vegetable really mean and now I don’t trust any food.

Akutagawa trynna grow the shrimp tails is too much for my heart…poor boy really idolizes Dazai so much :sob: :black_heart:

The fact they all made dolls (Along with the fact someone here bought one recently :eyes:) Makes me want to sew my own Rashoumon plushie…
Summer project? :thinking:

On fruits, vegetables and making plushies

Hah… around 15-20 years ago there was some excitement in my general social circle about discovering that a tomato is really a fruit. I don’t remember what exactly started it, but soon it began to appear in every small talk “and did you know that tomato isn’t really a vegetable???”
Sure, it was fresh info back then, especially since I was a kid and more easily impressed.
But then it didn’t die. From time to time, for all these years, there is somebody who suddenly mentions it.

So when I saw that watermelon bit I just sighed and very carefully didn’t think about it too deeply.

I guess botanically it isn’t really that complicated. It’s really just about which part of the plant is edible. Fruit is what comes from flowers (the seed-bearing structure in flowering plants, thanks wikipedia).
Leaves (lettuce) or roots (potato) make it a vegetable.

So yes, tomato is a fruit. And so is watermelon, and the misconception comes from the fact that it’s growing on earth level, and not on trees.
And it seems that not only Japanese have this misconception, as apparently there was some bill passed in Oklahoma in 2007 declaring watermelon a vegetable.
What is more, bell peppers, cucumbers, green beans, eggplants, avocados, and squashes of all kinds (such as zucchini and pumpkins) are all botanically fruit, yet cooked as vegetables (again, thanks wikipedia).

But… as I am no botanist, I’m mostly interested in practical, culinary usage of each plant and no in its scientific classification.
I only want to know how to eat it and is it tasty :smiley:

Ohhh you can sew??? By hand or by machine? Or do you want to use some other technique like knitting? What are you gonna use for the filling?
I don’t know how to sew/knit (I am able to do some basic repairs, but that’s it, and even then they are usually not pretty) but I really respect people who learned it.


More or less |o/
I have made plushies in the past when I was little but they were pretty mediocre lmao. I usually do stuff by hand bc I have no idea where our sewing machine is…or if we still have it…
I usually cross stitch so it’ll be a nice change. (Working on a cow cross stitch right now…no not for Kenji cows are just my favourite animal too! :pleading_face: )
I’m not sure exactly what my plan is at the moment. I want him to be plushie af tho so probably something like cotton for the filling (As opposed to beads or whatever).
My current plan is to have the face of Rashoumon with the body of a tiger (BC yes fite me). I’ll have to plan the design more and what kind of fabric I wanna use and whatnot before I can say anything else though lol. Probably just fabric that is bought so it’s more soft and clean. I might crochet his little scarf for the dude tho


So it will be like an ability crossbreed!


One thing I would love to do if I have time(or went things starts to reopen) is find some sewing club and learn how to sew. Making plushy seem so fun. I just want to be able to repair cloths and maybe make some but now I want to make plushy ha ha. Maybe I should look at sewing guide on youtube but I would have to buy sewing stuff which mean I would have to commit. I have no time right now and school not even started ha ha.

If you ever make a plushy can you please send a picture. I wanna know how it looks like. Btw how long does it take to make a plushy? I feel like it could easily take months.


Yesss I will definitly send pictures. I’m gonna work on the design art sometime soon so I’ll send that as well (Maybe I’ll do it in the Bungou Misc. Discussion thread and link it so I don’t spam here…)
It really depends on how much of it you make yourself. (Like if you’re making the fabric/knitting that could take longer.)
For me, I take a million years to do anything…:sob: So I’ll probably take a few months to finish it. Although I could finish it in a week if I really tried and focused on it, but we all know that’s not gonna happen :rofl:
I kinda want to make a Crabigator plushie too :crabigator: Or Crabigator cross-stitch, although I’d have to make a pattern myself for the latter


Now I feel so unartistic with all this talk about sewing. I’m basically bad with all creative/movement stuff - sewing, drawing, sports, dancing, instruments and I can’t sing :sweat:
The peak of my motoric abilities is doing small magnets from hama beads /rant

But I’m also interested in pictures/design pictures etc!
Looking forward to it!~~

Anyway, in other news, Wan! is confirmed as a part of Crunchyroll’s lineup for a wide range of regions.



Don’t worry!
I’m horribly unartistic as well :slightly_smiling_face:
Just because I do, doesn’t mean I should-! :sunglasses:
Also don’t worry. Dancing and sports…
I have two left feet. Scratch that. I have no feet when it comes to dancing. I have never danced in my life so you probably got a step ahead of me in that… :dancer:



Week 2: Chapters 44-46 (3 chapters)
Start Date: January 11th
Previous Week: Week 1
Next Week: Week 3
Home Thread: Link

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I really think Chuuya should rest more :sob:


Rashoumon eating buns. That’s all I’ve got to say.


Aww, Poe’s awkwardness is relatable for me :sweat_smile:

But how did he confuse birthday days? It seems he did check birthday date with the calendar. So… was he just wrong about today’s date… month… season? or… what? :astonished:

Chapt 44

I’m just surprised they actually did agree on doing a sports festival together. I was not expecting the twist.

Chapt 45

I really like that chapter. I like when they use their power for “friendly competition.” Each of them just roll over the opponent with their power thought. It was funny. I’m pretty a lot of them could be call cheating.

One judge reading a book about Atsushi’s picture and the other one seems an encyclopedia about Ranpo. Am I right? After looking it seems the writing is the lemon guy. This guy is smarter than he looks.

The guild winning was funny since the judges were guild members.

Chapt 46

Poor Edgard, he is in the wrong season for Rampo’s birthday. Rampo and Edgard combo is really nice.


On the panel after Ranpo says “春だ” it says 悩み悩んで半年経過 which means “He worried so much an entire half year had passed”
And then the bubbles after that explain that he had been planning and worrying about it for over half a year and didn’t even realize. So I don’t think he got the date wrong or anything, just took him forever to put his plan into action :slightly_smiling_face:


Thx I did not realize it too.


Ohhhhh now I get it!!! Thank you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
It seems so obvious… now. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, that’s how I understood it. Atsushi’s pictures collection and encyclopedia about Ranpo. Just some stuff to make them busy and not paying attention to what’s happening. :stuck_out_tongue:
But - I didn’t get the author is 梶井! I didn’t remember kanji for his name and had problems with drawing 梶 in Google Translate (it stubbornly didn’t want to recognize it), and then I went “wtv, I get the gist of the joke”.

Btw, I just finished the translation of short story collection by RealLife Kajii Motojirō, but it was too artistic for my tastes. He died young (31 years old) of tuberculosis, and spend most of his life being weak, sick and in sanatoriums. :pleading_face: His protags are mostly self-inserts - young sick men wandering around and contemplating the world - moon, sea, darkness, mountains, insects - in a poetic way.
But at least I now know why his BSD counterpart makes lemon bombs! :lemon:
Spoilers for Lemon short story, obviously:

MC goes to the Kyōto’s bookstore Maruzen and makes a mess by taking many books from the bookshelves and not putting them back. Then he puts a lemon near these books. Then he calls it an art.
Then he leaves the bookstore and fantasizes how nice it would be if the lemon would actually be a bomb. The end. :thinking:

Well, maybe I have missed something due to my insensitivity to an art :grin: