文豪ストレイドッグス わん! (Bungou Stray Dogs Wan!) – Volume 3

So it will be like an ability crossbreed!


One thing I would love to do if I have time(or went things starts to reopen) is find some sewing club and learn how to sew. Making plushy seem so fun. I just want to be able to repair cloths and maybe make some but now I want to make plushy ha ha. Maybe I should look at sewing guide on youtube but I would have to buy sewing stuff which mean I would have to commit. I have no time right now and school not even started ha ha.

If you ever make a plushy can you please send a picture. I wanna know how it looks like. Btw how long does it take to make a plushy? I feel like it could easily take months.


Yesss I will definitly send pictures. I’m gonna work on the design art sometime soon so I’ll send that as well (Maybe I’ll do it in the Bungou Misc. Discussion thread and link it so I don’t spam here…)
It really depends on how much of it you make yourself. (Like if you’re making the fabric/knitting that could take longer.)
For me, I take a million years to do anything…:sob: So I’ll probably take a few months to finish it. Although I could finish it in a week if I really tried and focused on it, but we all know that’s not gonna happen :rofl:
I kinda want to make a Crabigator plushie too :crabigator: Or Crabigator cross-stitch, although I’d have to make a pattern myself for the latter


Now I feel so unartistic with all this talk about sewing. I’m basically bad with all creative/movement stuff - sewing, drawing, sports, dancing, instruments and I can’t sing :sweat:
The peak of my motoric abilities is doing small magnets from hama beads /rant

But I’m also interested in pictures/design pictures etc!
Looking forward to it!~~

Anyway, in other news, Wan! is confirmed as a part of Crunchyroll’s lineup for a wide range of regions.



Don’t worry!
I’m horribly unartistic as well :slightly_smiling_face:
Just because I do, doesn’t mean I should-! :sunglasses:
Also don’t worry. Dancing and sports…
I have two left feet. Scratch that. I have no feet when it comes to dancing. I have never danced in my life so you probably got a step ahead of me in that… :dancer:



Week 2: Chapters 44-46 (3 chapters)
Start Date: January 11th
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I really think Chuuya should rest more :sob:


Rashoumon eating buns. That’s all I’ve got to say.


Aww, Poe’s awkwardness is relatable for me :sweat_smile:

But how did he confuse birthday days? It seems he did check birthday date with the calendar. So… was he just wrong about today’s date… month… season? or… what? :astonished:

Chapt 44

I’m just surprised they actually did agree on doing a sports festival together. I was not expecting the twist.

Chapt 45

I really like that chapter. I like when they use their power for “friendly competition.” Each of them just roll over the opponent with their power thought. It was funny. I’m pretty a lot of them could be call cheating.

One judge reading a book about Atsushi’s picture and the other one seems an encyclopedia about Ranpo. Am I right? After looking it seems the writing is the lemon guy. This guy is smarter than he looks.

The guild winning was funny since the judges were guild members.

Chapt 46

Poor Edgard, he is in the wrong season for Rampo’s birthday. Rampo and Edgard combo is really nice.


On the panel after Ranpo says “春だ” it says 悩み悩んで半年経過 which means “He worried so much an entire half year had passed”
And then the bubbles after that explain that he had been planning and worrying about it for over half a year and didn’t even realize. So I don’t think he got the date wrong or anything, just took him forever to put his plan into action :slightly_smiling_face:


Thx I did not realize it too.


Ohhhhh now I get it!!! Thank you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
It seems so obvious… now. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, that’s how I understood it. Atsushi’s pictures collection and encyclopedia about Ranpo. Just some stuff to make them busy and not paying attention to what’s happening. :stuck_out_tongue:
But - I didn’t get the author is 梶井! I didn’t remember kanji for his name and had problems with drawing 梶 in Google Translate (it stubbornly didn’t want to recognize it), and then I went “wtv, I get the gist of the joke”.

Btw, I just finished the translation of short story collection by RealLife Kajii Motojirō, but it was too artistic for my tastes. He died young (31 years old) of tuberculosis, and spend most of his life being weak, sick and in sanatoriums. :pleading_face: His protags are mostly self-inserts - young sick men wandering around and contemplating the world - moon, sea, darkness, mountains, insects - in a poetic way.
But at least I now know why his BSD counterpart makes lemon bombs! :lemon:
Spoilers for Lemon short story, obviously:

MC goes to the Kyōto’s bookstore Maruzen and makes a mess by taking many books from the bookshelves and not putting them back. Then he puts a lemon near these books. Then he calls it an art.
Then he leaves the bookstore and fantasizes how nice it would be if the lemon would actually be a bomb. The end. :thinking:

Well, maybe I have missed something due to my insensitivity to an art :grin:


Interesting way of thinking I guess. I understand you. Poetic things are also out of my league.

I wonder how long he has been preparing his plan for. He needed to takes picture and gather info on Rampo then he needed to know who would be the judge. Maybe he have one for everyone. Kaiji Motojiro seem like a stupid character in Bangou Stray Dog but he is more intelligent then he seems.


According to Wiki: “This short story describes the feeling of an ailing patient and the mischievous emotions which every person has. Kajii wrote many other works which had a main character with lung disease because the author was affected by tuberculosis himself. His life was a fight against poverty and sickness (he died from tuberculosis at the age of 31).”
So I guess it’s supposed to represent his emotions towards his illness and how he managed to handle them (Maybe some time I’ll actually read the story so I can further explain this---- for now though. Sleep

still about Lemon

Yes, but I understand that his main characters are his self-inserts - I even mentioned this in my post. And I understand that their actions and melancholic contemplation are supposed to represent how he tried to handle his illness.
What I don’t understand is… what is so cool about books&lemon art installation. Is there some deeper, hidden meaning that’s escaping me? Some metaphor…?
That’s my problem with most of the artistic stuff - it seems so pointless. And I’m always wondering how much I’m undertone I’m missing. :sweat_smile:
I guess Wikipedia comment about

is some sort of interpretation, but… ummm… imagining explosion of a book store, which potentially results in dead people is being… mischievous?

I’m waiting for it! :lemon:

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I mean, to BSD Lemon boi it is :thinking: :laughing:


Week 3: Chapters 47 - 49 (3 chapters)
Start Date: January 18th
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Just after our talk about sewing :heart_eyes:

I’m pretty sure the hangover will be over before all these steps will be completed:


Joke punchline was pretty predictable, but it was fun nevertheless.
I’m relieved it was only an x-ray and that Yosano didn’t actually cut Tanizaki up again.

I don’t understand this fragment, unless it is meant to be an abstract joke:


And here I wasn’t able to predict how well each member will do as a body double, so it was exciting to see different impressions. :black_heart:


Yesterday when I saw the thread I realized I forgot about it.

Chap 47

That chap was weird. Not sure how I feel about it.

Chap 48

It was kind of obvious she did not leave it inside anyone.
I’m not sure I understood that part.

she says:

Chap 49

My favorite chapter of the week. Every time I see Chuuya I always assume there is gonna have a short joke. One time, it will only be an moment?
She wants to examine him and says it will only be for one moment right?

Commenting Aisling comments

I did understand what he said so I’m glad you did.

She says that if he wants she can open his belly for him anything. Only 3 minutes and pan! It’s over. He answer like a instant ramen?
Took me a lot of rereading to get it too. I was sure カパッ means a cup . Seems like an onomatopoeia.


psst, there’s no “g” there. i know it’s less common spelling, but internet says it’s still a valid one :smiley:
btw, i chose it back in my teen years just because I wanted something with a “dream” meaning as a username. back then, any english name sounded exotic and mysterious. :grin:
now I realize it’s quite a common name, but after all these years I became emotionally attached to it, so oh well :upside_down_face:

I'm not 100% sure, but...

The joke here is that she sounds like she’s erotically interested in Tanizaki’s body, rather then medically.
And when she repeats that sentence she drops “医療” so it deepens that misunderstanding.
So I understood it as:
“I only made such a medical mistake once” vs “I only made such a mistake once”, which makes is sound like falling for Tanizaki is that mistake.
But maybe I’m over-interpreting it.


Sorry, sometimes I write pretty fast and don’t reread myself. Never knew it was a real name. After looking at the wiki it seems it’s more of a Irish name than a English one ha ha. I will be more careful next time.

Oh!! seems like 過ち means mistake, not instant. Confused it with something else. Thx for the help