文豪ストレイドッグス わん! (Bungou Stray Dogs Wan!) – Volume 2

No idea what that is. Is it another gatcha game?
Edit: Is the language setting for game match your phone language?

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I’m not sure what qualifies as a gatcha game (I don’t normally play games…)
It’s fun though. You collect characters, fight with them to level them up, and beat levels that unlock scenes from the anime and special scenes specifically for the game (Like a version of the characters but they’re all students at a high school…)
There’s a lot of original art and stuff in it so I personally enjoy it.
And no, I have my phone set to Japanese and unfortunately the game is still in English ;(

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Gatcha game - hmmm, do you know these machines with small capsules in them?

You get a random prize from them. That’s the basis for the name “gatcha game”, because in video games with that model, you get random characters instead.

As for the BSD gatcha, I forgot to mention that servers for English and Japanese versions are separate. They also have different timeline for events and you wouldn’t be able to transfer your account even if you would download Japanese version from the Japanese Android/Apple store, so you would have to start from scratch.
Separate servers are probably one of the reasons for not being able to change language easily, because content isn’t the same.


I agree :smiley: I also have no idea why she has so much power :smiley:
It was mentioned in the anime that her power comes from Akutagawa’s power, but uh, it doesn’t make sense, because Akutagawa clearly doesn’t support her.

:heart: I also adore this aspect of the Japanese.


Exactly. You pay or earn some kind of currently that you can exchange for a possibility of having a character. Then you try to get them all.


Week 5: Chapters 32-34 (3 chapters)
Start Date: November 30th
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Wikipedia links to the fairy tales mentioned in the 33rd chapter, in case anyone wants to check the summary of the original versions: :wink:

Title Japanese English
Tsuru no Ongaeshi 鶴の恩返し Crane’s Return of a Favor
Shita-kiri Suzume 舌切り雀 Tongue-Cut Sparrow
Momotarō 桃太郎 Peach Boy
Issun-bōshi 一寸法師 The One-Inch Boy
Chap 32

Rampo just casually eating the boss’ food. He does everything wrong except the cat ringtone.

Chap 33

@Aislin Thx for the story’s links it makes it easier to understand.

Not gonna lie I laugh hard at that picture. Then he starts dancing.

This one is soooo cute

We had the classic Chuya is short joke.

Chap 34

That Atsuchi

I kinda feel sad for モンゴメリ. I know it’s her misunderstanding but I thought the same thing as her.
Atsuchi is way too cute


Fukuzawa is being so patient with Ranpo, it’s eerie.
At least he was happy about the ringtone.


I didn’t expected the word 歯軋り being so casually used :open_mouth: I barely even heard about it in my native language, the only reason I knew what bruxism​/involuntary nocturnal tooth grinding is that I had it myself during my teen years :expressionless: I wonder if it’s more widely-known in Japan.
(Lol, even auto-correct is marking bruxism as wrong.)

Anyway, the original plots of these traditional stories were so heavily butchered… :smiley: It barely even counts as parody, because characters couldn’t really stick to any consistent plot :smiley: It was like… you are playing this character, I am playing this character… wait, what were we doing again? めでたしめでたし.


Shoujo effects were indeed adorable. And it a good thing that cookies were tasty even if they didn’t look that good :blush:


Week 6: Chapters 35-37 (3 chapters)
Start Date: December 7th
Previous: Week 5
Next: Week 7
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Ohh, we got a Christmas and a New Year episodes this week! :christmas_tree: How fitting! Not a perfect fit, but considering we could get them for example in the summer, it is a very nice timing.



Kunikida is talking about… having fun? Are you feeling all right, Kunikida?

I liked how Santa may sound insane and dangerous when you hear about him without any previous context :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s funny, because I’m not a fan of traditional Christmas festivities in real life, but I like Christmas specials/events in fiction. They are always so cute, warm and adorable.


This episode was a little tiring. I’m not even sure I’ve got all the puns.
I enjoyed this Dazai’s expression, though:


And for this one, I have an actual question about the Chuuya’s bubble:

I’m completely lost here.


突っ込まねェからな 俺は絶対
突っ込む kinda means digging into a matter so
突っ込まない - not delving into
ねェ is just the informal version of ない
So basically

Kajii is like “Check this out :relieved:
And Chuuya (This is a very lose translation to try and make it seem more natural in English but hopefully you get the point~) is like “Don’t look at me, I refuse to question this.”

If it helps, the non-completely-casual-and-mixed-up version of this would be:


Thank you! And only after your explanation I finally noticed a lemon there… :smiley:

But now I have one more question - what would be a translation of 突っ込む with this another panel?
At first I thought it is a joke about penetration, but now I’m not sure anymore.
(And it isn’t even the last 突っ込む for this week, there was one more on p. 125 :stuck_out_tongue: But for the one on page 125 the meaning of “to riposte; to retort​” seems to nicely fit.)

page 122, chapter #36


For this one
Omg hush Discourse

Anyway. LOL.
It’s basically the same meaning. Intervening. Ango is very stuck up and according to Dazai “怒ってるばかり”
So when he was poking Odasaku’s face to prove his point, it was irritating Ango and he wanted to get him to knock it off.
So basically I guess you could translate this as
“Dazai…you seem to be poking my face.”
“NUOOOOOO (Aka Japanese screm noises) I WANT TO STOP HIM”
The alternative would be him saying that he wants to join and poke as well, but considering the joke of this scene I don’t think that’s the case…
Basically he wants to help stop Odasaku bc Dazai annoying Oda is annoying him. (Does that make sense? I’m bad at words lol.)

And again for 125, you got it right basically |o/ :sparkles: He’s telling Odasaku to contribute and join in on the weird talk of Superman Stamina Soup…

Hope that helped O: :heart:


I ended up ordering 80 dollars worth of BSD books. (End me)
The volumes 4-6 of Wan bc I finished 3 the other day, now gotta wait until then to get my dose of cute Chibi T_T
And the light novel for the BSD BEAST Series.
I highly recommend if you guys like BSD.
Which I’m assuming you do
Otherwise…why are you here
Are you lost
are you a stray
You should read it. LOL. Basically, it’s an alternate Universe in which Atsushi and Dazai are in the Port Mafia, and Oda and Akutagawa are in the ADA. It’s called a もしも話 I think if that helps…
There’s also manga for it if you aren’t ready for light novels or just like comics better…The art on the cover is beautiful so I bought that too because I have no self control.

Oh I should say something about the chapters huh


Honestly chapter 36 broke my heart. That boy Dazai needs a hug, he’s so lonely. The little smile after Oda says he believes him I just eatawrrrrng T_T why you do this to me
Also chapter 37 made me laugh a lot for some reason…especially the last panel. Dazai just in the corner like “:D” while Atsushi and Chuuya are screaming is quite the scene.


Sure, Discourse, just tell us where these other people are hiding. :grin:

It totally makes sense! I knew I missed some finer points in that chapter, I didn’t get it was supposed to be a chain of annoyance. Sooo, you’re better at explaining that the manga itself :blush:

Edit here, because at first somehow I misunderstood and thought you’ve already finished volume 6.

Also, that’s… both amazing and scary.
But I’m happy to have someone so committed here. :heart:

And BEAST is already in my plans for 2021. Btw, it was supposed to get a movie in 2020, but this plan got delayed. I hope to read it before they finally finish it. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you’re reading light novels on your own anyway, maybe we could create a spin-off thread for other BSD stuff? I don’t intend to read light novels so in-detail, because I would go crazy, I need to accept I won’t understand everything and have to go on. But I would love a place to exchange opinions and impressions.



My thought exactly

Chap 35

A cute little chapter. I liked that she thought Santa was a house invader. Dazai has some good decoration ideas.

Chap 36

Nothing much to say except it was slightly harder to read and that we should not let Dazai cook.

Chap 37

Dazai wants a gift so badly. Btw do you really give fish at new years in Japan? Never heard about it.

I just got the same thing but I was 30%

Never heard about it but I would like to look at it.

T.T Why you should try it. Cmon, I know you want it. Come to the Japanese side of the light novel. We have kanjis. I’m sure you want to red these kanji. Let your passion guide you.


Omg Omg I didn’t know this now I’m excited.

That could work. I’m currently reading the light novel 太宰治の入社試験 And it’s really good as well |o/
Kunikida’s actually my favourite character (Best boy :triumph:) So I love that the book is written from his point of view. My boy needs more attention :clap:


And I’ve never got this Discourse’s prompt! Does that mean it is okay to flood the discussion as long as you’re the thread creator? :upside_down_face:

It was also a first time for me :woman_shrugging:

I just said “I don’t intend to read light novels so in-detail”, maybe it wasn’t clear enough… I do intend on reading them (in Japanese), but I don’t intend to run a scheduled book club for them. Consequently, it would be harder to ask a minor language questions.

But it would be nice to have a place for unscheduled chatting so

Here’s the thread:


Week 7: Chapters 38-40 (3 chapters) [End of Volume 2]
Start Date: December 14th
Previous: Week 6
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