文豪ストレイドッグス わん! (Bungou Stray Dogs Wan!) – Volume 2

This is Bungou Stray Dogs comedy manga spin-off Wan! reading club.
This thread is for discussing Volume 2.
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Everyone’s welcome, but knowledge of the main series is required to enjoy the spin-off.
(Bungou Stray Dogs itself is not comedy manga. Wikipedia lists it as action/mystery/supernatural.)


Schedule for Volume 2

Week Goal Start Date
Week #1 Chapters 22-23 November 2nd
Week #2 Chapters 24-25 November 9th
Week #3 Chapters 26-28 November 16th
Week #4 Chapters 29-31 November 23rd
Week #5 Chapters 32-34 November 30th
Week #6 Chapters 35-37 December 7th
Week #7 Chapters 38-40 December 14th

Reminders for Discussion:

  1. Please blur/hide any major events in the current week’s pages (however early they occur), like so: [spoiler]texthere[/spoiler]
  2. Feel free to discuss grammar, vocabulary, comprehension questions, as well as interesting plot details
  3. Include references (page, panel, character speech bubble, etc.) so that others can help you
  4. We’re all here to learn and read together, so share your thoughts and ask questions!

Vocabulary List Spreadsheet

Week 1: Chapters 22-23 (2 chapters)
Start Date: November 2nd
Next Week: Week 2
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I’ll continue to build the sheet as I read and I’ll try to do it early, but feel invited to join and add your own entries!


YES !!! finaly I can read some bungou stray dog :stuck_out_tongue:


行進/parade was indeed quite long. :grin:

Real Dazai Osamu Trivia
He really was afraid of dogs!
Or at least protagonist of his “The Story of a Pet Dog” was, but as Dazai was writing I-novels/私小説, we can assume that was the description of his own cynophobia.
You can check English translation on Amazon, for example (only 16 pages, it’s a short story).
And I very much recommend checking at least the free sample, because it nicely shows the overall vibe of the story. It’s basically Dazai writing comedy, where the humor comes from exaggeration. And it’s my favorite type of Dazai’s works.
The original is available for free on Aozora Bunko, too, but like I’ve mentioned in the previous thread, I’m still afraid of Old Japanese. xD


And that was very… abstract. Did I understood the ending correctly? That dog characters are supposed to exist simultaneously with human characters? It wasn’t like one of the previous fairy tales happening in an alternative universe?


That reading felt so short yet I laughed a lot. Damn now I have to wait one week T.T If I read in advance my comments will be delayed so I’m better followed.

Chapt 22

If I got ot correctly I found funny the same word double meaning at the beginning.振り回す The first 振り回す is for Atsuchi meaning walking while thinking. The second one if for Dazai meaning boasting or showing one authority.

Good to know. I will have to look into these stories.
The kanji readings are getting all over the places ha ha.

Does the 棒 here mean he got stiff like a pole? (As in super stressed)

Funny how people as so much free time that they all spy on one another. Then there is Rampo. How did he know? Either he spied on everyone either he is so good he saw them all in one glance. Knowing Rampo the second one is very plausible.

Rampo have some strange potted plant.

Chapt 23

At first, I was sure someone transformed them into a dog which was the urgency. Took a few second to process that it was not.
Did he broke the fourth wall twice?

I must say I love these 犬能力 Dazai’s ones fit perfectly. The other seemed like they just randomly put dog kanji in it. Still funny but did not fit as much(Or I did not get it). This is why I love kanji.

I saw it coming but still funny.

This one is a classic but I really like the ぷぷ from Dazai.

Yes it is. I was surprised at first too but it seems that way. That explain the title of the book. There are the real MC. We were following side character from the start. Who is gonna win 名探犬(めいたんけん) or ポート犬 . (These are my own creation)


:grin: I was actually thinking about speeding up a little in January (from the 3rd volume), but I’m not sure what others think about increasing the speed?
At least since Wan! doesn’t have overall plot, it’s easier to stop than with something else with more dramatic action moments. :wink:

As for 棒 meaning, I found this:

Basically it marks that the person is not sincere.


I think so! :stuck_out_tongue:

Good to know you didn’t find the hidden jokes too, because I was afraid I am missing some obvious hidden meanings :grin:

:laughing: I love how you created your own names in that fashion.


I don’t think we have permission to edit. :sweat_smile: I put some words in a temporary document so I will add them when I can!

Ch. 22

I looked up cactus and I wonder if it’s a サボテン -> サボる hint? (As if Ranpo is someone to talk haha) Or maybe I’m just reading too much into his choice of houseplants. :upside_down_face:

Why does Atsushi have a henohenomoheji face on page 8? Is this just Akutagawa being envious?


That’s what I think. He just think Atsuchi is not deserving of Dazai’s attention I guess. He must think he is a scam or stupid. This is my interpretation.

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I don’t mind. You might want to poll that. By increasing speed you might one more chapter per week?

Oops, I’m sorry! I was sure I checked the settings! It should work now. Can you confirm it?

Ch. 22

That’s my interpretation, too.

It’s more complicated than that.
I’m gonna use Kindle page count, because it’s quicker for me:
Volume 1 - 182 pages, 21 chapters
Volume 2 - 166 pages, 19 chapters
Volume 3 - 164 pages, 16 chapters (15 numbered + 1x 書き下ろし)

Volume 1 - 8,7 pages per chapter on average
Volume 2 - 8,7 pages per chapter on average
Volume 3 - 10,25 pages per chapter on average

So, in Volume 3, there are less chapters, but they are getting longer.
Now we’re doing a volume in 7 weeks. If we decide to go with 3 chapters/week (and the last week would be 4 chapters with 書き下ろし), it would still be quicker than usual and we would finish within 5 weeks.
We can also do 4 chapters/week evenly and then finish within 4 weeks.


Yes it works, thanks! I’ve added my few things that you didn’t already put there…

Ok good, I’ve only ever seen it as a “look what you can do with hiragana!” so interesting to see it in a different context. :slight_smile:

I was laughing so much at the different characters in 23.


Especially Gin with her mask and how Kenji’s dog version just fit him perfectly hehe. The very last page also caught me completely off guard, Chuuya is one of my favourite characters and I feel a bit bad about it but the jokes about him being short are just too funny sometimes. :rofl:

Also, isn’t this the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?


Never ever pass on a chance to tease your coworkers. :grimacing: I kinda wish dog Atsushi also used the tiger form from vol. 1 though, especially after his “it’s up to me”-moment hehe.


Thank you :blush:

In other news, Wan! animation just got its first trailer. @DollyDaydream
At the end (0:50), there are Japanese TV airing times - is it set to be airing at midnight? :open_mouth:
Also, I hope Crunchyroll will have it, since they already have the main anime & since they are mentioning it in the news section.


Week 2: Chapters 24-25 (2 chapters)
Start Date: November 9th
Previous: Week 1
Next: Week 3
Home Thread: Link

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This series just gets cuter and cuter the more promotional material I see for it, I really can’t wait for January now. It does seem to be airing at midnight, seems quite late for it.

Same, I really hope Crunchyroll get it since like you say they have the main series plus the film already. It would make sense for them to get the licence for it as well.

Chapt 24

Funny how Tanizaki finds his sister annoying but is sad when she is ignoring him. Know sure how I feel about him finding her by smell though. Interesting tracking ability but…

Is had to look who that woman was because I had no idea. Seem she was another clerk.

I also don’t know what Tanizaki is saying here.

She was worried about her weight but she should not because he was about to take care of the police of something. Does anyone have a better translation?

Chapt 25

Atsushi just wondering if that was another parallel world ha ha. The dancing drawings were so cute. I also liked how Dazai was able to draw other into his plan to make money. Then they won the participation prize it seems. Still better than nothing.


Naomi has no reason to worry about such things!
I was about ready to call the police, I was so worried!

危うく - barely, almost
お世話になる - to receive a favor from, to call for help
ところだった - was on the verge of doing something, was about to (but something happened)


I was sure there were connected. Like she has no reason to worry BECAUSE … It was two separated sentence.
Thank you


If it helps at all they are sort of connected.
He’s saying that he almost called the police because he was so worried, but it was something so small and unnecessary and she didn’t even need to think that way…If that makes sense ^^;
So they are related in meaning (Just not one I can properly convey because my English skills are terrible >_>)


Yeah they are connected but not in the way I thought. Don’t worry your english skill are good. Thanks for the help makes more sense that way. Now I will be waiting for your comments on this week reading. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I should really participate here more :sweat_smile:
Will I lurk or will I actually contribute. That’s forever a mystery :ghost: