文豪ストレイドッグス わん! (Bungou Stray Dogs Wan!) – Volume 2


That’s what I think. He just think Atsuchi is not deserving of Dazai’s attention I guess. He must think he is a scam or stupid. This is my interpretation.

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I don’t mind. You might want to poll that. By increasing speed you might one more chapter per week?

Oops, I’m sorry! I was sure I checked the settings! It should work now. Can you confirm it?

Ch. 22

That’s my interpretation, too.

It’s more complicated than that.
I’m gonna use Kindle page count, because it’s quicker for me:
Volume 1 - 182 pages, 21 chapters
Volume 2 - 166 pages, 19 chapters
Volume 3 - 164 pages, 16 chapters (15 numbered + 1x 書き下ろし)

Volume 1 - 8,7 pages per chapter on average
Volume 2 - 8,7 pages per chapter on average
Volume 3 - 10,25 pages per chapter on average

So, in Volume 3, there are less chapters, but they are getting longer.
Now we’re doing a volume in 7 weeks. If we decide to go with 3 chapters/week (and the last week would be 4 chapters with 書き下ろし), it would still be quicker than usual and we would finish within 5 weeks.
We can also do 4 chapters/week evenly and then finish within 4 weeks.


Yes it works, thanks! I’ve added my few things that you didn’t already put there…

Ok good, I’ve only ever seen it as a “look what you can do with hiragana!” so interesting to see it in a different context. :slight_smile:

I was laughing so much at the different characters in 23.


Especially Gin with her mask and how Kenji’s dog version just fit him perfectly hehe. The very last page also caught me completely off guard, Chuuya is one of my favourite characters and I feel a bit bad about it but the jokes about him being short are just too funny sometimes. :rofl:

Also, isn’t this the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?


Never ever pass on a chance to tease your coworkers. :grimacing: I kinda wish dog Atsushi also used the tiger form from vol. 1 though, especially after his “it’s up to me”-moment hehe.


Thank you :blush:

In other news, Wan! animation just got its first trailer. @DollyDaydream
At the end (0:50), there are Japanese TV airing times - is it set to be airing at midnight? :open_mouth:
Also, I hope Crunchyroll will have it, since they already have the main anime & since they are mentioning it in the news section.


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This series just gets cuter and cuter the more promotional material I see for it, I really can’t wait for January now. It does seem to be airing at midnight, seems quite late for it.

Same, I really hope Crunchyroll get it since like you say they have the main series plus the film already. It would make sense for them to get the licence for it as well.

Chapt 24

Funny how Tanizaki finds his sister annoying but is sad when she is ignoring him. Know sure how I feel about him finding her by smell though. Interesting tracking ability but…

Is had to look who that woman was because I had no idea. Seem she was another clerk.

I also don’t know what Tanizaki is saying here.

She was worried about her weight but she should not because he was about to take care of the police of something. Does anyone have a better translation?

Chapt 25

Atsushi just wondering if that was another parallel world ha ha. The dancing drawings were so cute. I also liked how Dazai was able to draw other into his plan to make money. Then they won the participation prize it seems. Still better than nothing.


Naomi has no reason to worry about such things!
I was about ready to call the police, I was so worried!

危うく - barely, almost
お世話になる - to receive a favor from, to call for help
ところだった - was on the verge of doing something, was about to (but something happened)


I was sure there were connected. Like she has no reason to worry BECAUSE … It was two separated sentence.
Thank you


If it helps at all they are sort of connected.
He’s saying that he almost called the police because he was so worried, but it was something so small and unnecessary and she didn’t even need to think that way…If that makes sense ^^;
So they are related in meaning (Just not one I can properly convey because my English skills are terrible >_>)


Yeah they are connected but not in the way I thought. Don’t worry your english skill are good. Thanks for the help makes more sense that way. Now I will be waiting for your comments on this week reading. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I should really participate here more :sweat_smile:
Will I lurk or will I actually contribute. That’s forever a mystery :ghost:


Well, you did contribute your help with grammar. Now you just need to write a few more sentences on how you liked these chapters and I will be happy. If you don’t I will be sad. Do you want to make me sad? :sob:

What do you mean emotional manipulation is bad? He won’t notice anyway right?


LOL I don’t have much to say but


Kunikida trying to dance is low-key me. Also I always imagine the song they’re dancing to is the suicide song Dazai sings in the first series
Shinjuu wa~ hitori ni dekinai :musical_note:


I can definitly see that


I love your powers of persuasion :star_struck:
But yeah, @Whologist, your English is really fine, I never noticed any problems with it!
(And I’m convinced my English is horrible too, but I’ve decided to stop caring recently and be happy as long as people seem to understand me. :stuck_out_tongue:)

And you managed to solve the problem with the sentence about police! I though I understood it, but it seems I was wrong because your version makes more sense. I thought it was about girls calling police on Tanizaki for “peeping” on them.

My comments:

Ch 24

Why are the female members of the Agency even being weighted in the first place :question: :question: :question:
It seems… very suspicious, what are their measurements even used for?
Some of them aren’t even Ability users and/or physical fighters.
Odd, very odd.


Yep, 4th wall being broken again :slight_smile:

I’m actually proud of them winning something :clap: :clap: :clap:
And suprised that the contest was even real, because at first I thought it’s just Dazai’s prank. :smiley:

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Ha ha thank. All for the book club.

Here is my little secret for you all who don’t want to comment because of your English. No one cares if you make mistake. People are more interested in what you’re saying than if your English is grammatically correct. Personally, I never realize if they are mistakes because my brain just switches everything back to normal without me noticing. So yeah never saw any problem with any of your English writing. If you are still worried then just download Grammarly. It’s a browser extension that corrects your mistakes.

Answer to Aislin

I believe it’s a Japanese thing. If I remember correctly they get weighted in school then at a certain age by the doctor. Maybe the agency has some health criteria. I mean even though you are a receptionist you can get attacked soooooo… Get ready to run? Or just a bonus for being in the agency. Free doctor checkup.

Normally Dazai don’t put that much effort into a prank no? Unless he is pranking Chuuya. But I get that feeling because pranking Chuuya is fun.


I confused myself for a second but yeah. If it was the police being called on him, I’m pretty sure it would’ve used passive instead of regular form for なる… I think :thinking:


I’m not sure anymore. Could he have said that he was barely arrested? Maybe the police were called upon him and the passive would have been he let the police take care of it? I think we may need another opinion on that one.

Eng planel

Ok it’s fan translated so I don’t know the validity of it but here is what I found
It seems like he almost called the police