文豪ストレイドッグス わん! (Bungou Stray Dogs Wan!) – Volume 1

I totally understand! In my case I’m trying to move to the point when I don’t have a parallel version in my head to make my brain think fully in Japanese, but I did use parallel texts in the past, so I’m not saying it’s bad or anything.
And of course asking questions still provides me with an English translation, but when I’m checking full translation it’s hard not to see too much :sweat_smile:
Another problem is that I saw too much errors in fan translations (well, in official translations too, sometimes…) and I’m worried that they convince me into thinking that I am wrong while it’s them who’s wrong :stuck_out_tongue:

New questions :dizzy:

Page 16


Okay, so what ノリで or even the whole right bubble means? I guess that general meaning is that Dazai isn’t too good at cooking, but what exactly did he do with the ingredients?

Page 18

A-chi-chi… …What? What is Naomi saying here? (In the whole bubble, I get what achichi means… I think)
(I’m so bad at casual remarks…)

Page 20-1

I don’t get why Atsushi makes such face in the last panel. Okay, Dazai himself proposed making oden/wanted to sample taste it/and now he’s not eating it. I would be suspicious too, but on the other hand, there is no evidence that something is wrong with this oden. Ranpo even tasted it thoroughly already. Is it just that Atsushi is still suspicious just in case or am I missing something here?

Page 20-2

Same question as before - why is Kyouka so shocked here! I get that she likes tofu, but is it just “omg, something that LOOKS like tofu but ISN’T REALLY I feel so betrayed” or am I missing something?


To answer your questions:

Page 16: Here, it’s the katakana version of 乗りで(using katakana instead is usually done for emphasis/effect), which in this context, basically means “to be in the mood for”, but taken all together, he’s basically like, “To be honest, I kinda just got all these ingredients on a whim/because I felt like it (ノリで), but I really don’t cook very much.” さすが太宰さんよね〜〜〜(笑い)

Page 18: He’s saying the contracted version of 熱い (あつい), because it really hurts, so he blurts out, “アッチ!”

Page 20-1: Atsushi is incredulous because Dazai already got full from taste-testing everything during cooking, LOL.

Page 20-2: It’s because it’s a fish cake (はんぺん), not tofu XD.


Thank you! :blush:

Page 16: Oh, so it is 乗りで! First time I saw 乗り used as “to be in the mood for”. And jisho even says it’s usually written in katakana when it’s that meaning.
Page 18: So it’s Jun’ichirō talking, not Naomi! :sweat:
Page 20-2: Yeah, I got that it’s はんぺん, not tofu, but I still didn’t understand why it was so shocking for her. So I thought I must have missed something, but I guess not, she is just suprised so much. :smiley:

Page 20-2: As we all know about Kyouka, she loooooovvvesss tofu. Getting fishcake instead must be a sense of betrayal for her, LOL.


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Trying to finish this week’s reading today to stay on track. Been trying to juggle this, One Piece and watching more grammar videos. Trying not to fall behind.

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Page 26 comments (chapter 4)

Wow, Higuchi is really good at not seeing Chuuya.
And they have jokes about Chuuya’s height even in the Port Mafia? I thought this is Dazai’s specialty… :smiley:


Chapter 4:


I was very happy to read Chapter 4 while looking up maybe just one or two things. ( •̀ᄇ• ́)ﻭ✧
Akutagawa is drawn so cute here, even when he’s mad <3. Ichiyou’s love knows no bounds, even if it means possibly offending upper management.


Chapter 5:


In this chapter, we discover new lows to Dazai’s sociopathy, Ranpo’s affinity for eating dagashi in tight places without getting claustrophobic, and that the only thing that Yosano actually killed was her wine bottle. There, there, Yosano-sensei. (っ´ω`)ノ(╥ω╥)

New vocab acquired: coffin/casket (棺桶), ヒャッホウ〜!ヽ(・∀・)ノ

Chapter 5

I know I’m nitpicking, but wine’s smell and blood’s smell are actually quite different :stuck_out_tongue: I guess it’s just Yosano’s renown.
Btw, it doesn’t look like these lockers have any keyholes. Not that a lock would necessarily stop Dazai…
And yeah, I guess it might be useful to know when people are starting to talk about 棺桶 in your vicinity :laughing:

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The drawings are so cute.(especialy Atsushi’s one)


I love that Dazai in the background

Is it me or is there a lot of old way of writing word.
五月蠅い = 煩い
如何した = どうした
手前 = てめえ
Isn’t the first one older way of writing it, because I don’t see them anywhere like that but here.
for the 煩い I found this seem like there is a small difference. But mostly similar.
I just had one question for the last chapter. Dazai says:

From what I understand he said he can’t talk about Chuya just like you don’t speak of the real owner of the hat? Have I understood it correctly?

Re: Chapter 6

If I’m understanding Dazai correctly, he’s basically saying, “Talking about Chuuya would be pointless (話にならない refers to something not worth discussing/considering),” “considering he’s just a hat/his entirely personality encompasses his hat” (which I say, because he’s using 本体 there).

Answer to monochromePLUSH

thx for the answer. I don’t get the hat joke though. I did watch the anime but I don’t remember who gave him that hat. I believe it was Dazai though

Reply to icefang97

Apparently the hat came from Rimbaud? (Had to consult a fan wiki, since I haven’t seen Bungo since the last season that aired, myself). I wouldn’t think too deeply about the joke, I think Dazai is just trying to be mean by saying that he has no personality worth discussing whatsoever (like any other inanimate object), LOL.

Re Reply to monochromePLUSH

ha ha I see. I just looked the wiki too to be sure. That is a Dazai thing to say. Thanks again for the help


No prob, at least, that’s what makes the most sense to me (since I’m obviously at half your WaniKani level and don’t pretend to be fluent at all XD).


that does not mean a lot. I may be good at kanji but grammar is my weak point. I still have lot of trouble sometime so this is why we have book club to share our strong point and improve together. Don’t be fool by my level I still have a lot to learn.


Me too, me too, ugh, the grammar D: D: D:. I mean, I was a rhetoric and writing major in college, but Japanese grammar seems to always have new surprises in store for me that makes my brain explode and is honestly my biggest nemesis. 私達は頑張れましょうよ、ファイト!日本語の文法に負けね〜〜〜!

More hat details

They even included “Hat Rack” in the list of Chuuya’s nicknames on the wiki. x)

I wouldn’t say Rimbaud “gave” him that hat, because he didn’t do it personally. It was Mori who took it from Rimbaud’s personal belongings and then passed it down to Chuuya. Rimbaud’s was already dead at that point. But yes, it’s Rimbaud’s hat.
After the anime, I didn’t really understand why Chuuya would want a memento of Rimbaud. Their interaction is extended in original novel material (太宰、中也、十五歳 - I love this title, it’s so straightforward) (episodes 1-3 of season 3 in the anime). The whole final fight is much longer and it goes a little different.
It was after the novel I started liking Rimbaud and I understood why Chuuya would care about keeping his hat. Or why would he visit his grave.

Anyway, what also made me giggle in Wan!'s chapter 6 is the fact that Chuuya freely walks into Detective Agency’s office :smiley:

Yay, ファイト! :grin: