文豪ストレイドッグス わん! – Volume 5


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Yep that’s about it :grin:
It’s interesting to him because it’s not the same old detective story, but someone like you and me that could solve it.

Crashes through the wall my specialty
A strange and cruel story (nursery rhyme) passed through the ages!
A clan(/family) living together in the middle of nowhere
*但し関係はこじれている (But their relationships are complicated)
Favoured by all the young beautiful women!!
That’s a lot of steps! (I had a hard time translating this line… but by flag I think he means the base storyline. (“Setting the flag” in Japanese is sometimes used to refer to getting things prepared or started if that makes sense…)


Thank you both for help! @Whologist @icefang97


Seem like I was off on a few kanji.

Didn’t do much but glad you liked it


Week 2: Chapters 78-83+extra (6 chapters+extra)
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Volume 6 Schedule

  • No break week
  • Week #1: Chapters 84-90, April 5, 7 chapters
  • Week #2: Chapters 91-97+extras, April 12, 7 chapters+extras
#78 - comments

After some chapters when I was feeling sorry for Atsushi, comes the reminder that Akutagawa is even more ridiculed by Dazai.
Also, it was already in anime (last one in the 4th episode) and I like the manga ending better, where they both reject Dazai idea vs anime where Atsushi seems to go along with it.

#79 - comments

I was feeling really proud that I understood the first Kouyou’s poster xD I actually read about it in JLPT reading material, so I am now like “wow, JLPT reading text is actually being useful!”

And her next, specifically-for-Chuuya poster was adorable.

#79 - 2 questions

I don’t understand two things, though.
First is this bubble - I know all the words but they don’t seem to make sense together, ugh. Page 85.

And the second is the whole ending. Page 90/last page.


I overestimated my mental capability this week, but I still should finish tomorrow!

#80 - comments & 2 questions

It was nice to see festive party after defeating the Big Bad Guy being prepared in fiction and not just happening!

Questions - first is about the title itself. Why “de” is written in latin letters?!

Second is about アリ. It is used more than once and all I can think about are ants ._.
(page 94, last page)


#81 - comments

I have a soft spot for 中二病, maybe not so over the top like here, but still.
One of my fav quotes (from Sayaka Murata’s 丸の内魔法少女ミラクリーナ):「中二病がかわいいのは中2までだからね」

Also, Chuuya paid a very little attention to the fact that Dazai filled up several notebooks writing only about him :joy:

#82 - comments & 1 question

I think it’s my new top chapter, along with the one with Kenji admiring Chuuya.
Just after I quoted a book with 魔法少女 in the title, I actually got 魔法少女s themselves :smiley:
It was very sweet and they got along surprisingly well. I think this persona suits them :grin:

One question is about this panel - page 117 - what is it with with these teeth? Is it an idiom/fixed expression?


The previous panel is talking about them not knowing when the Earthquake will come. So my best attempt at translating would be
Generally, during times of emergencies you’ll be in places like this, right? (Basically saying that you’ll be in normal places like the bathroom or stairway because you’re unaware something is going to happen if that makes sense…)
“Erm, why are you looking at me like that Gin…”
She’s probably just done with both of them tbh. :rofl: I love Gin lmao.

In the anime (and the beginning of the original manga), the group with Gin and Tachihara attempt to raid the Armed Detective Agency under Higuchi’s command. They all get beat up and thrown out the window.
So basically Mori is saying “Wow if you have that kind of attitude towards emergencies, you’re bound to get thrown out the agencies window!”
Basically he’s poking at them for their past failure.
There was probably an article in the newspaper because it was a large gathering of Port Mafia outside of a building. Some people thought another fight was breaking out so they probably were reporting in case it did.

I think it’s just a way to emphasize. Sometimes they write things in Romaji instead of katakana to make it stand out more. It’s kind of like going
A cooking show, which will they choose?
(not a good translation but hope that makes sense…)
アリ and なし are in this case meaning "pass’ and “fail,” basically.
Jisho.org: Japanese Dictionary
Jisho.org: Japanese Dictionary

[quote=“Aislin, post:28, topic:50251”]
One question is about this panel - page 117 - what is it with with these teeth? Is it an idiom/fixed expression?
[/quote]Jisho.org: Japanese Dictionary
Basically \o/
He’s saying
“Grit your teeth (and keep going)”
“We still have our molars”
The phrase to push forward literally means to bite down on your teeth. So he’s saying that they may not have a lot, but they have a small chance (related to the phrase as “molars”) so they should keep fighting.

Hope that helps \o/
Also I love these chapters, I love them all though ehe


As usual, it does, thank you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


ADA was really cold here, it seemed only Atushi cared… :frowning_face:

描き下ろし comments

Since it was about a misunderstanding, it was a little hard to guess what I should understand and what should be unclear. :stuck_out_tongue: But I got the gist.
Dazai was surprisingly soft here.

あとがき comments


Oh no, since I’m buying digital, now I don’t have a bulletproof material…
At least @Whologist is safe!
(I think @icefang97 is also digital and I don’t know about DollyDaydream.)

orange pages comments & 1 question

The 4-koma was a nice add to the cover… I was suspecting some kind of joke at the end and was surprised it was actually 100% sober.

I have a question about eee, a question. I know it’s about the last volume, where Kunikida was fed up with Dazai and just made him bandages using his ability. But after that… do they say that everything that Kunikida makes reverses to paper after some time? :thinking: I don’t remember it ever being mentioned before.


The question was asking that if Kunikida made bandages for Dazai, would they turn back into paper since he has a nullification ability:D
So he’s saying everything, but he’s implying that
“It’s true! Everything Kunikida made (for me) turned right back into paper”


I was even more busy then last week so my comment is later than usual.

Chap 78

Nothing much to say except I saw it in the anime first. Poor Akutagawa.

Chap 79

Security measure is important for everyone.

I know you already got an answer but let me add something. I think it refer to the fact the he still think Gin is a guy. If a earthquake where to happen you should just do it there. その辺でするような? just do it around there right?(talking about going to the toilet) Since she is a girl it’s not as simple. This is how I understood it. Is it just me?

I needed to look it up. Glad to know JLPT reading material are useful.

Chap 80

That one was hard to understand.

I do not understand too.

Thx for me it was either
あり = ant
ナシ = pear
あり = ある
ナシ = 無
It was confusing. Yeah Kenji is not the best for taste testing. Neither is Atsuchi.

Chap 81

Saw this one too in the anime but it was still funny. I liked the book full of thing he hates about Chuuya.
I love this picture.
Mori sensei is not that kind of sensei. He does have an interesting way of making someone taller. First apparition of Rimbeau I believe.

Chap 82

This one was my fav this week but also slightly hard to grasp. These incompatible teams. Dazai and Chuuyu cheering the monster.
Btw what is that?

It’s a weapon made of emotion? How does it work? I take the emotion of the person cheering and throw them at the monster or something.
Dazai being Happy for Kunikida being free was funny. He was the cause after all.

Chap 83

Poor Atsushi. He was the unlucky one and Dazai was lucky. Then Dazai being happy about it.
I did not get the last one.

Does he think nothing back will happen to him so he can tease Kunikida?


Well, the end was obvious. That it was a misunderstanding I mean.


Oh that actually makes a lot more sense with the context. I’d go with this explanation @Aislin O:::
Sometimes vagueness can be so difficult in new languages :sweat_smile:

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Ohh! I didn’t think Dazai’s ability would extent to Kunikida’s items.

Oh, thanks for your input! Yes, it really makes sense in context, but it’s also really vague and I never would have guessed :smiley:

I’m happy I wasn’t the only one thinking about ants :ant:

Yesss, me also. So hot. :sunglasses:

I think it’s the compact mirror, which is apparently a common weapon in magical girls genre.

In magical girl series, the main female characters transform into ideal versions of themselves who are better equipped to handle their problems, an idea originating from Princess Knight. Unlike hero shows, these items are often “cute” accessories associated with femininity and beauty.[1] The first example of an item used to aid the transformation is the anime adaptation of Himitsu no Akko-chan, in which Akko uses a compact to transform; since the broadcast of the series, compacts are commonly used as a transformation item.[8]
Magical girl - Wikipedia

I’m not really sure either, beside the fact that Dazai says to Atsushi that Kunikida should buy Atsushi a chazuke…? But I have no idea why.