ロウェナの学習ログ・(Rowena's Study Log)

Oooo bougie bougie the Rowena-さん! (bourgeoisie)

California. I miss it but no regrets. We would not be able to live the way we do now if we were still back there.

Before I forget:

My, my…

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Yeah, nah! It was military college, I was one of the lightest-weight students there, so I ended up as the coxswain for the men’s 4. The team was new, we had 3 boats and a boat house (shed) but no ramp, and as cox it was my job to hold the boat steady in the water while the men got all the gear in (seats, oars, themselves) - rowing is a winter sport, so there was ice around the shoreline, and by the time we were done with the 2 hour training session, I would often have to be helped back to barracks as I couldn’t feel my legs anymore, they were that cold :snowflake:

Not really all that fancy as they are all British Commonwealth countries - a generation or two ago I would have just swanned around with my British citizenship and been given most or all the rights of citizenship in any Commonwealth country. I imagine it would be difficult to hold so many passports outside of the Commonwealth, but if I’m wrong I would love to learn more about it.

I’m guessing that means that PNW is more affordable (as well as less flammable)?


Everywhere is more affordable than living in California.


I’m getting used to being back in a routine and hope to finally finish this very long level tomorrow evening. I’m looking forward to getting back to a fortnightly pace after this hiccough.

Screenshot 2020-12-13 121939

I’ve had an awful lot of paperwork to do over the last couple of weeks, so haven’t done much textbook work; I’ve left kanji writing out of next week’s plan, but hope to include it from the week after.


I do this sporadically, but I think I want to start doing it more consistently as the kanji start becoming trickier. But I think I want to start making them larger- in four grid squares instead of just one- as I think I lose the benefit of really understanding what I am doing in such a small space. At least until I master them. Plus, I find it so difficult to make straight lines and get the spacing (mostly) right. :sweat_smile: How are you doing your writing?


I’m currently just using the Basic Kanji II book, though I’d love to do calligraphy sometime.

I believe there was a discussion about practice paper somewhere here on the forums for printing off your own kanji practice sheets… found it: Creating kanji worksheet (and I just checked, it’s the 4-grid type).


I’m pleased to be posting another one of these for the first time in a couple of months :blush:


Yes, I saw that thread before! And I have kanji writing books so I don’t plan on printing out anything, just using a larger space like a stroke order video. Those videos don’t demonstrate the kanji in as small of a square as the Basic Kanji book, for example.

If I were as disciplined as my kid who is learning/writing his ABCs in some form everyday (and as disciplined with WK), I’d be a lot further along. :sob:


The out-of-the-ordinary paperwork just keeps coming, so I’ve not done any textbook work this past week; in fact, I’ve decided to remove it from my plans for a while because I feel like a broken record reporting here over and over that I’ve not done it. Maybe things will quiet down a bit over the holidays…

Keeping things simple next week:

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I’m a day late, but here’s the last plan for 2020 :tada:. I should be levelling up to 32 just before the New Year.


A day later than I had hoped, but a new level for the new year seems 適当(てきとう):

Screenshot 2021-01-01 193033


I’m still struggling to get the textbook work done - I need to get back into the mindset that it’s not optional. To that end, I will do as others have done and have a checklist here to edit daily, as well as my usual OneNote study schedule.

曜日 課業
第36課 - 言葉、文型, ノート
第36課 - 例文、会話
第36課 - 練習A
第36課 - 練習B
第36課 - 練習 C 復習
第36課 - 問題
(spillover, just in case)

This is the beginning of a new quarter, so here’s the forecast of what I hope to get done in the next 3 months:


Thank you for sharing this tutorial. I’d like to relocate your design if you don’t mind. Would be able to explain how you got the weekly set up please. I was able to add sections and pages. But I don’t know how you inserted the weekly calendar.

Thanks so much. Hope you are doing well and your new year is off to a great start. :relaxed:


I’m on the phone just now, but will answer fully when I’m sat at the computer later this hour :slightly_smiling_face:


I created the calendar using the Tables tab under Insert :

It’s similar to using Excel tables, but less flexible.

You can cut and paste whole rows properly (hover the mouse to the side until you see the grey arrow and right-click to highlight the whole row), but not whole columns nor partial rows nor columns.

I keep an updated template page handy to copy and paste onto the next week’s page, but you could just keep copying the previous weeks’ and update it each week.

If you have any more questions, please fire away and I’ll try to answer them :smiley:

P.S. I love your username and picture!

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Thank you for that!! I started making tables but it was time consuming. Not that I mind, but I thought maybe there was a faster way. I’ll start working on it. Might take a while to set up. Thank you so much.

Thank you also for the extra tips on the rows and columns. Good to know. And the pasting tip! :relaxed:


It may seem like I’m a Star Wars fan, but I’m actually not. :joy: I’m surrounded by Star Wars though, you just learn to enjoy it. :joy:

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And thus darthmama instead of ma_solo or such? You have excellent coping skills for a fish out of water :grinning:


Love it!!!:heart::heart::heart:


Congratulations on the level up Rowena-さん! It seems you have achieved a nice 31 to end 2020!
celebration naruto

Hopefully 2021 is better for us! Here’s to a prosperous new year ahead.


Thank you so much!! I went crazy and spend most of Sunday creating a study plan for the next 20 weeks!!! It was so much fun. I’m not sure if it’s too much or not enough. It I can be adjusted easily anyway.

I like having a plan instead of being so random about my studying. This will help me to stay motivated and focused. I’m hoping for a great 2021 in terms of studying Japanese. Thanks for helping me get a good start.

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