🐱 にゃんにゃん探偵団 🕵️‍♀ Kitty Detectives 2 Home Thread!

Here’s the thing to know about flo.flo: it’s based on inputting a text file of an e-book. Since にゃんにゃん is images, it’s not usable.

Now, if we were to transcribe the book and check over it to ensure there are no typos, maybe we can convince flo.flo’s owner to use that? (But you’d want to ask in advance of transcribing.)

It comes down to whether you want a deck that a community can improve, or a deck that links in with a shared vocabulary deck. (Both have their pros.)

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I’m thinking that eventually all the books in the series will have been read by book clubs (I’ve just ordered the わんわん books yesterday) and there will be a lot of overlap of vocab, so it would be nice to not have to manually hibernate the same vocab over and over for each book’s vocab deck.

I didn’t realise how the vocab was inputted in flo.flo though, so thanks for explaining that.

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I really love FloFlo, actually :slight_smile: but it sounds like it wouldn’t be usable if there’s no text file. It also automatically matches words with definitions, which is fine, but children’s books like this have a lot of hiragana words with multiple possible matches, so Kitsun might be better from that point of view too.

Perhaps if we made more decks we could assign them a set order and only include cards with new words for each book… The issue is that we’ve started with the cat books, which aren’t the first in the series, so I’m not sure what order we should go for!

You don’t say… :eyes:


Regarding hibernating cards, it is much easier to do since the recent revamp, so maybe it’s not the issue I’m making it out to be.

Will you be able to share the template you’re making up for the cards for this book? If so, then at least someone else :tangerine: can do the other cat book vocab sometime…

Edit: I’ve just read that neicul is looking at adding a feature to automatically remove known cards in Kitsun, so that will be even better than bulk card-hibernation.

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Thanks! That is super helpful


This week we are reading the first half of the resolution for story one :open_mouth:


I just ordered my copy of にゃんにゃん, hopefully it’ll arrive in time for me to be able to jump in when Story Two starts :blush:

Also, allow me to shamelessly advertise my suggestion for the next book to read: なぜ?どうして? vol. 2!. (Tentatively starting in February 2020).


We’ve reached the final part of Story One!

Don’t forget that next week we’ll be taking a break :wink:


Really glad about that because I’m behind and need to catch up!


Oh good! That’s exactly what I was hoping it would help people do :grin: how far back are you?


I’m at page 34 now. Didn’t study any Japanese the past 2-3 weeks (except for a bit of WK once or twice a day) and no reading for almost 3 weeks either.
2-3 pages of nyan nyan per day is managable, so I’m pretty sure I will be able to catch up until story 2 starts :slight_smile:

Will put Flying Witch on hold, though, and will most probably not start Mysterious Town with the beginner book club :neutral_face:


Glad you’ll be able to catch up :blush:

That’s a shame to hear you won’t be able to join for Mysterious Town though :pensive: best to focus on and keep up with one thing than not be able to manage several though ^^


sneaks in

Wow, I haven’t been able to keep up (again… :slightly_frowning_face:) and will catch up while you’re taking the break. I’m so excited about the solution of the first story :D.

I plan on reading the next stories, but presumably it will be playing catch up again. :pensive:


These look cute - I own a few of what I think might be the ancestors of this series, the Jitsugyo no Nihonsha なぜだろう なぜかしら books. The editions I have were set down in 1977 (although my copies are reprints) and have really nice two-tone illustrations with a real Tezuka-vibe to them:

An example from page seven.


We’ve completed story one! Well done to everybody who’s made it this far :tada:

This week will be our first break, so there’s no discussion thread and we’ll be starting story two on the 9th of December. If you’re a bit behind, this could be an excellent opportunity to do some catching up :grin:

Story two is very short, so we’re only spending two weeks on it - one week for the case, and one for the solution. There’ll be another break after that.


My new Japanese word for the day: クールビズ.

(Just got to reading カポネのおすすめブックガイド1. I love his take on the cover of The Three Little Pigs.)


Done with catching up :grinning: now I just have to / want to read through the last two weekly threads.


Awwwww yiss! Nice work :grin:

I’ve actually been trying to sell my colleagues on this as we head into the Australian summer! I remember it from working in Japanese schools in the mid-2000s. :slight_smile:

This isn’t really related to anything, but I learned a Japanese word today that sent a shiver down my spine: like in English, the Japanese have turned the noun “Google” into a colloquial verb (as ググる) - but according to JMDict it didn’t become a する verb… it’s 五段 and conjugates accordingly!!! Augh! I don’t think I’ve even seen another godan verb that is written using katakana before.

See you all for resumption tomorrow on the 9th. :slight_smile:


Here in Sydney it’s less summer and more the End of Days.


Well of course it is. ググる is clearly an う-verb. ググます just sounds daft, hence ググります.

オバむ1. Or for a non-joke answer: サボる

1 That being the verb form of オバマ (as in Barack), which used to be in Jisho as "to chant ‘yes we can, yes we can’ " but is curiously no longer apparent.