Uh, oh… these 2 words aren’t common because I made them up, I guess. I didn’t know how to say “the topic of~” so I just came up with adding ~話題. Thank you for corrections, that one with 好きなアニメ is the most embarrasing failure from my side.
And I have little experience in using japanese, hence I can’t really tell the difference between ~と ~ければ ~たら even though I watched videos and read about them.

えと。。。問題が分かりませんでした :sweat_smile: あの、ここはアニメでドラマの映画です。
宇宙海賊キャプテンハーロック (2013)はきれいな映画。松本零士の大作です。たくさんハーロックのアニメがあります。でも、たくさん古い。悪い批評があります。「原典違います」と人々が言います。でも、色眼鏡は郷愁で思います。筋下記は同じです。

Sorry for all the errors. I’m assuming I made a lot :sweat_smile: I hope you enjoy the gif though!


おなじアニメでも、シーズンによって、作画(さくが)がよくなったり、わるくなったりしますよね。Do you mean the quality of their recent episodes are not as good as old ones because of the lack of money they can put into their animation? I wasn’t sure so left the second sentence as it is. Other than that, you did a great job of expressing your ideas in Japanese. Your original sentences are good enough to get the ideas although I revised them for improvement. この調子(ちょうし)

GIFめっちゃかっこいいですね!ハーロックの昔のアニメしかしらないので、びっくりしました😮 松本零士は、いろいろな有名なアニメをつくっていますよね。


I was trying to say that I think the plot of the movie is the same kind as the old series’ plots. Jisho gave me 筋書き (すじが) for plot.

きれいですね?松本零士が好きです。全部の作品をみたい :blush:


Yes, I’ve meant exactly that.

Thanks for leaving me blushing.

なるほど!Then, you can say 筋書きは同じです。せつめいしてくれて、ありがとうございます😌

わたしもかれのさくひんをもっと見てみたいです😆 By the way, if it’s “It’s beautiful, isn’t it?” what you want to say, it’s きれいですよね。

なるほど。たしかに、ワンピースの作画は質の変化がはげしいですよね😅品質 is associated with quality of some sort of products (e.g. ナイキのくつは、品質がいい). 変更 refers to the action of making a decision about changing a plane. Speaking of the sentence about laking money for creating the animation, I would say 予算がたりなくて、そのアニメはさいきん質がわるいです (or わるくなりました)。

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