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The “Search for Tsunade” Arc covers Volume 16 through Volume 19.

Natively Rating: Level 25 (JLPT N3) Furigana: Yes

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:fish_cake: Search for Tsunade Arc

No. Volume Name
16 Konoha Crush, Ended!! (木ノ葉崩し、終結!!)
17 Itachi’s Power!! (イタチの能力!!)
18 Tsunade’s Decision!! (綱手の決意!!)
19 The Successor (受け継ぐ者)

This arc ends with the close of Volume 19. For comments or questions regarding Volume 20 onward, please move on to the discussion for Arc 5 (THE FINAL ARC :fire:)

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Despite NARUTO’s widely recognizable orange main character, there are many of us who have neither read nor watched any part of this series. Avoid giving accidental spoilers by using Blur [spoiler] [/spoiler] or Hide Details [details="Summary"] [/details] for predictions, comments containing specific plot points, or any story-revealing panel images.

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When asking language-related questions, please include the chapter number, page number if available, and/or general context surrounding the sentence. This will make it much easier to answer questions without confusion.

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:fish_cake: Casual Speech

Some of the characters speak with casual contracted grammar. I suspect this is to emphasize 1) that there is a distinct hierarchy in the world of ninja, and 2) that Naruto doesn’t abide by it!

Check out this guide on contracted forms, just in case any stump you during reading: What are the chau, cha verb endings?

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:open_book: Readers: How far are you in the story?
  • I’m not yet at Arc 4, but I hope to be soon!
  • I’m learning the truth of the Uchiha! :drop_of_blood:
  • I’m trying to find Tsunade! :ninja:
  • I’m in a legendary stand-off! :frog::snake::bug:
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Mysterious signs in a building in Vol.17 Ch.149 Pg.92

Inside the 大人(おとな)丁半(ちょうはん)ばくち house, there are 4 signs.

  • イカサマ禁止(きんし) :bangbang: This one is obvious, not sure about other signs.
  • 美留
  • 乱素
  • 元老院. I have found 元老院 (日本) - Wikipedia, but not sure if it’s the thing. How is it even related?