Yuri! on Ice episode 1-6 (almost) full Japanese script

I have no idea if anyone even wants this, but I thought I should publish it somewhere instead of keeping this entire script to myself.

I made this about half a year ago right after Yuri!!! on Ice had finished airing. I originally planned on doing all the episodes, but I never finished. As you will probably notice, I have placed timestamps in several places. This is because I couldn’t properly make out the lines. Most lines are fully written down, but some of the announcer lines and lines that were drowned out by other noise weren’t easy to properly get a grasp on. If anyone knows the correct lines or notice any mistakes in the script, please feel free to notify me and I’ll correct them.

Episode 1-6 can be found here

I’d be happy if anyone wants to continue on the project so we can finish the entire series. I would gladly help more. It feels a bit strange to only have half the episode scripts, after all.

Edit: I have continued working on the project, albeit very slowly. I can’t promise I will be able to work at a very fast rate, but I’ll see what I can do. My goal is to at least transcribe the famous episode 7!


“I have no idea if anyone even wants this” I literally just googled Yuri on Ice Japanese script and had no hope but this post shows up. Thank you!


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