Your worst typos WaniKani has accepted

Whoops. Knew it was one of the two. This should not have been accepted @Mods



Not sure how this is being accepted… @Mods

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^ That’s correct. Our system doesn’t accept any typos for 3-letter words and under.

“To exchange” is on the allow list so that’s why this one got through. I’ll add “to change” to the block list.

Added this to the block list!

Added “to be led” and “to be lead” to the block list.

Added “female” to block list.

Hmm…our typo system works in mysterious ways but I’m thinking it’s because “to be defeated” is close enough, keyboard-wise, to this phrase.

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Isn’t it simply the usual 4-character-rule?

to be defeated
to be separated

Not exactly obvious, but just 4 characters are different.