Your weekly schedule for learning Japanese?

I’ve just opened up level 13 (started on level 1 in August last year).

  • Wanikani - about 6-7 hours a week (I typically spend 3 weeks per level to complete all radicals, kanji, vocabs)
  • Italki - 2-3 hours per week mainly for speaking/listening but also for grammar using Genki workbook (in chapter 6 now)
  • Reading easy Japanese short stories - maybe 2 hour per week
  • Writng simple diary entries in Japanese - maybe 2 hour per week

My plan was to reduce wanikani-time in 2021 and spend more on other parts of learning Japanese but wani is addictive …

How do you spend your time?


1-2 hours of grammar + writing on weekdays (will probably replace it with something once I finish the guide I’m doing or roll with Genki)
2+ hours of grammar + writing on weekends
0-1+ hours of WaniKani daily (depends on the lesson + review load and peaks at the beginning of each level with 1-2 hours)

I’m not sure whether watching un-dubbed anime and listening to news (Japanews24, usually) counts as well ^^".

I know it might sound like a bit, but my plan is to move to Japan in some 2-3 years.


I don’t really time myself.

I have a super generic check list I check off things when I do them every day. It is a weekly list.

From a WK perspective, I do 3 sessions minimum per day. The time can vary between sessions but let’s call it 1-2 hours a day.

From a listening perspective, I spend a lot of my weekend watching Anime. I sometimes sneak some in during the week as well.

From a reading perspective, I got a bunch of children’s books from a member here and am trying to read 1 or so a day. Re-reading counts as reading in this case as it takes time to work through even though it’s children’s books.

Then I spend time either doing Pimsleur or Rocket Languages Japanese. Depends on where I am. If I am near the computer, Rocket. If I only have my phone, Pimsleur. Each is maybe 30-60 minutes a day.

THEN I also do BunPro. Currently working through it fairly slowly but I am doing those reviews at least 3 times a day as well, when I have reviews to do. I am going through the lessons on BunPro fairly slowly though so there are days where I have 15 reviews, others only 5 or so.

Until I wrote it all out, I didn’t realize just how much time I am spending doing all this per week… or per day… :smiley:


wassa schedule?

I clear all my WK reviews and try to read a bit/watch a show everyday…that’s about the extent of my planning :sweat_smile:



I do 1 hour japanese podcast everyday nihongo con teppei

I read everynow and then whenever i feel like it now reading through volume 10 kimetsu no yaiba aka. 鬼滅の刃

I do bunpro lessons pretty much whever i feel like it typically twice a week. I review everyday once.
I also go through kamesame i do reviews and lessons once a day.


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