Your WaniKani Level VS Your JLPT Level

rip lol. 2022 has been a hot mess, but I’ve also prioritized reading over explicit grammar and vocab studying.

  • WaniKani Level: 36
  • JLPT Level: N3 in practice. I would try some N2 practice questions, but I think I’d either get low or no pass.
  • Resources/Materials: WK, Drops, Visual Japanese Grammar, and I should use more.
  • Your Next Goal: I am talking a lot more, so I want to continue that. I keep thinking of hiring a tutor to help correct me, but my schedule is so inconsistent. My goal is still fluency. People tell me that they can understand me easily, but I’m not so sure. I’d also like to find a grammar resource that really works well for me. After I finish traveling this winter, I’m thinking of giving Bunpro another try, or getting better about using Renshuu. It seems like Renshuu’s streamlining their grammar practice, so that’s pretty nice. I think they maybe had n5 done and some or all of n4.
  • WaniKani Level: 9
  • JLPT Level: N5
  • Resources/Materials: WK, Kitsun, Bunpro, reading Yotsuba, watching anime
  • Your Next Goal: Take N5 again and get a better score!
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Wk-Lv34, JLPT N3.
Resources - WK, Minna no nihongo, nihongo soumatome
Want to take N2 in July next year

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WK Level: 27
JLPT Level: I’ll be sitting the N3 next week but I might be somewhere between N3 and N2–> will sit in July next year
Resources: mostly my university print outs and own materials, I’m fortunate to have had languages courses 4-5 times a week for the past 3+ years

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N1 ended up being a 楽勝

I’ve also read over 100 books so that goal has been completed too I guess. I keep getting close but not quite to 0 unknown words/otomatopeias in a book. There have been a few with sub 10, but none with less than 5 iirc.

Either way, now I’ve just been listening a bunch. I plan on adding more output stuff into my study routine starting next year…so after about 1 month. Not to say I can’t output right now, of course. Just not a priority.


I fear I may never reach level 4.


Yes, I’ve been a bit concerned about that too. How are you going to communicate with people when you someday visit Japan?

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Luckily people don’t speak in kanji as much :sweat_smile:

While I’m at it:

WK Level: 49
JLPT Level: N2
Resources: Books (mainly novels), Anki, Jisho, SKM
Next goal: Read more, read faster, learn more vocab

  • WaniKani Level: 60
  • JLPT Level: N2
  • Resources/Materials(Completed): Genki 1+2, Integrated Approach to Intermediate Japanese, SKM N2, Various novels (roughly 1800 pages since august)
  • Your Next Goal: JLPT N2 (next week), JLPT N1 (next year?), reading more books

Some of us wish they did :skull: my visual recognition is so much further ahead than my listening :joy:


It’s okay. I don’t need kanji to say これはペンです。


Well this didn’t age well :joy: :joy: :joy:

WaniKani level: 1 (なにかに?!)
JLPT Level: ~N2. I keep telling myself it’s true, but that JLPT 不合格 this June was quite painful. Way below the pass mark.

Resources/Materials (Completed):

  • TaeKim’s Guide to Grammar
  • Genki 1 & 2
  • level 1 and 2 courses on JapanesePod101
  • Tobira
  • Light novels, manga, and more manga


  • Trying to read more without going bankrupt on physical volumes
  • Speaking classes and getting more fluent at production
  • Improving listening comprehension
  • Taking N1 next June
  • WaniKani level: 5; I took some time away and then restarted :face_in_clouds:
  • JLPT level: N5-mid N4.
  • Resources/Materials(Completed): みんなの日本語1, Bunpro N5
  • Your Next Goal: Completing N4 and catching up on WaniKani! :white_heart:

Wanikani level:27
Jlpt:taking the n3 tomorrow:)