Your Latest WaniKani Achievement

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Don’t know if this counts but happened to notice this right as it hit 1001


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Finally listened to the wanikani guide and so far it is been fun.

Excuse me, I was not aware of this; is there an audio guide you can listen to?


" The ultimate wanikani guide" thread

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I see. Thanks for the heads up!

One kanji away from getting to Level 4. :slight_smile:


Got my first few mastered this morning :slight_smile:


I’ve been doing Wani Kani for a year!

Screen Shot 2020-11-22 at 8.45.18 AM

I really can’t believe how much better I’ve gotten and reading and listening to Japanese! The reading part is obvious–Wani Kani, is hands-down the best reading program I’ve ever encountered. I’ve tried learning to read several ways–I took formal classes in college, and while I still remember a lot from that time, I could only remember the most frequently encountered Kanji. I’ve used Duolingo (useless for learning to read, IMHO), (I plan to go back to that one for listening comprehension), reading on my own (it took me literally 20 years to finish my first novel). The combination of mnemomics, SRS AND book clubs is THE BEST.

I also now realize that the biggest barrier to understanding spoken Japanese is NOT unfamiliar grammar, it’s unfamiliar vocabulary. Wani Kani teaches crazy amounts of vocabulary, and with fewer unfamiliar words, I’ve been picking up new grammar pretty easily, just from watching Japanese TV and reading.

I’m hoping to visit Japan again next year, and I’m really looking forward to being literate!