Your 2021 Reading Résumés

I read 11 books and 10 manga.

The books I enjoyed most this year were 1Q84, Book 1 上 (technically I started it in 2019 but dropped out because it was still too hard kanji-wise, and picked it back up after it was released as ebook), and MORI Hiroshi’s Saikawa&Moe series. Regarding manga, I still find it difficult to read them, but it’s slowly getting easier. I encountered a few series I might really like, especially 鬼滅の刃 (just hoping that it doesn’t get too repetitive after a while) and 台所のドラゴン.
My biggest discovery was how much easier even high-quality thrillers are written compared to “proper” literature. In hindsight this looks pretty obvious :joy_cat: but I had never really thought about it. I guess it’s because they are geared towards a mass-market, so they are required to be an easier read compared to literature.

In the second half of the year I focused on grammar and vocab and did not read much. So from that point of view I am not satisfied with my progress. On the other hand, I learned N2 grammar and a lot of important words, and after picking up reading again, I can already feel that my general understanding has deepened. And I’m surprised how many grammar points I can now identify that I just glossed over before, “because they are just made up of words” so I didn’t even realize they were grammar points :joy_cat:
Looking back now, I think it was a valuable interruption and therefore I am overall very satisfied with my progress.

In terms of numbers of books that I read, it was not a particularly exciting year. But I am starting to figure out which books I like and how I can find more of them, and that’s a discovery that made this year a really good one :blush: