You will be able to read them by the end (reading quiz)

Give the reading for the bolded kanji.

舌足らずなしゃべりかたをする (To express oneself poorly) Answer: したた

みずちる (Water drips down) Answer: したた

ちち休日きゅうじつさけむ (Dad drinks heavily on days off) Answer: したた

おうおく密書みっしょめた (I wrote a secret message to send to the king) Answer: したた

海千山千うみせんやませんもの (A tenacious, sly old fox) Answer: したた

How many did you get correct?


3/5, partly because it took me until the 3rd one to believe that they might actually all have the same reading :smile:


I guessed the first one correctly and vaguely remembered the second from WaniKani so got it right too. I didn’t know the others, so I only got them “right” because of the hint in the topic title.


I was curious what it would be like without a hint. I imagine most people would get it a little slower, but maybe not.

I tried to order them roughly by difficulty, where the first is a level 20 WK user can get this (theoretically), the next is a level 47 word, then we’ve got 2 non-WK readings that are hard but probably show up in novels and whatnot, and then one that probably only kanji maniacs would have seen. But a Japanese person might be able to guess that one with enough context despite not knowing the reading originally.

I got a very good 0.


4.5/5 - got the first one half right, then registered what the topic was getting at before I tried the second. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Did you just not want to believe it?


I feel like I’ve seen 強か at least once, probably when I was searching jisho recently for all the ○○○か na-adjectives (looking at pitch accent stuff). Might have seen it when reading once as well, but I’m not sure.

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I didn’t read the topic title…only got the first one right :woman_facepalming::sweat_smile:


4/5, but only because I just reviewed 滴る today. lol

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I don’t know any, just got 4/5 because of the title lol

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Why did I choose to learn this language…



Denial here. Well I got my daily dose of humility at least. Thank you Japanese and Leebo :sob:

I want to say that 強か comes up often, just not in kanji and I totally blanked out. What’s interesting in the entry for したたか者 is that both か者 and か者 is acceptable.

Oh, I found this gem which appears useful したたか小言を食う - be given a good telling‐off [scolding]


The scariest part about this topic is that 強か can be used as an adverb.


I hope you don’t mind, but I shared this little quiz on my Japanese school’s Discord server!

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it’s missing a “p”

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