You watched it HOW MANY times? - Let's Rewatch thread!

Thank you!

I’m rewatching JoJo without subs and it’s a mixed bag. I have the attention span to pay close attention to anything Dio says to the point of being able to easily look up words I don’t understand. Jonathan has been pleasant to listen to with his textbook Japanese.

I got to Part 2 and I have no patience for hardly anyone in this season… It throws me off with how mature Kars sounds too. Like he sounds like he’s over 50, which, definitely true, but I have some friends obsessed with him and it’s really disconnecting to hear his voice…

Now I’m on to the OVA. I actually only watched the second half of it previously, but I’m through the first 2 episodes of the chronological first half, so I only have 4 more episodes of previously unwatched content before it turns into rewatching. It’ll be interesting to see how much I can understand this go.

I think I want to try this at some point…not yet though.

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I think I might actually try this with “Tsuki to Laika to Nosferatu”
I just watched the first episode, and it looks very promising
… and if the thing about being able to watch the entire season/anime (understanding) without subs is true, that would be absolutely awesome
I recently started listening to podcasts and watching anime without subs, realizing that my understanding is (nowhere near complete but nonetheless) much better than I would’ve expected (expectation: can’t follow anything, especially in podcast where there’s no video)

Can anyone point me to a page (or whatever, show me a method how to get them, idk) where I might be able to find japanese subs and/or even transcripts?

Thanks in advance!

Hi, guys.

Shannon droning on about Netflix

I’ve been only watching Japanese stuff on Netflix in the US. Some stuff, like “Hunter X Hunter” and “Erased” (anime) only has English subs (no JP, but you can turn off Eng subs). But “The Way of the Househusband”, “Teasing Master Takagisan”, “Erased” (live action movie), “Ouran High School Host Club” “Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories” has JP or Eng subs that are as easy to switch between now as it was on the bilingual manga website.

The “Language Learning With Netflix” app for legal viewing and allowing automatic stop after each sentence and exporting to Anki has evolved to “Language Reactor”. I didn’t do this, but my friend quickly exported all of the subs into a spreadsheet (for Ep1 of Midnight Diner), so we can easily add our definitions and links to grammar discussions. She said that it was fast and easy.

Reviewing the same work builds REAL gains, slowly but surely.

I haven’t been taking notes, but I’m slowly getting more in the rewatches. The gains on one episode help a little bit for different episodes and shows. I think it’s just a matter of time (to build up a large Vocabulary listening recognition base). At some point, I am going directly to understanding, and circumventing the translation step (and this is the “sweet spot”) I worried that “I’m just memorizing the sentences”. However, it seems that there’s a lot of learning involved in that. I’m increasingly able to recall that Vocabulary in other applicable situations.

I am confident that it will take over a year, because I’ve already been reading the book and re-listening to the audiobook of Harry Potter (in JP) since last October. (And Kiki’s Delivery Service since last August) The gains are slow as molasses in the wintertime, but real.

I’ve been switching around a bunch (life intervenes, and curiosity and boredom), but I think that your “rewatch the same episode until it ALL comes ‘into focus’” plan is very good!

I love this confession by the guy in BTS (who is the English-speaking spokesperson for the band in interviews and such) that he learned English by rewatching his mom’s DVDs of “Friends”. It’s at about 2 minutes into the clip.


This is a side topic to what you’re discussing, but can you point me to where/how you got Kiki’s Delivery Service in audio, by any chance? I have it in both Japanese and English translation and wanted to do parallel reading with it, but I bounced trying to figure out how to get it in audio. I couldn’t figure out where and how to buy it, formats, and so on. So any tips would be really appreciated.

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Hi sporadic. I bought it on , there is a link there for foreigners to shop using foreign credit cards. It was a little bit difficult because a number of people accidentally had bought a monthly audiobook service instead of the stand-alone audiobook. The purchase gives a stack of audio files, then I had to get a player for my phone. I got Musicolet (because Google play ended and I could no longer play the MP3s of my entire vinyl collection, either. It solved both problems nicely with a small learning curve; I’m not good with technology). The entire Kiki’s book is an “album”, and the Chapters are “songs”.

Aside to sporadic: Here is the deep link to the Kiki's book

新装版 魔女の宅急便 | 日本最大級のオーディオブック配信サービス

Then I think you do the big red button

会員登録して購入 “register as a member and purchase”

And then

定価で購入する “buy at a fixed price” (I hope that’s not the monthly subscription button!!). And then you own it free and clear for about $12.

I haven’t figured out how to unsubscribe from their spam emails in Japanese, so I just delete them. :sweat_smile:


I didn’t know that there’s a thread for rewatching animes!

Well, I’m glad that I bumped on this one 'cause I actually tried this method (without the WITHOUT subtitles).

Around last year when I discovered WaniKani and since I wanted to not just memorize the kanji characters that I was learning and discovering here, I quite tried immersing myself to Japanese language.

Don’t have any solid plans at that time on how exactly I immerse myself without getting bored by it. But thankfully, I began to watch anime again (after more than 5 years!). I started on 12-episode animes to regain my interest in Japanese language. Then, I slowly got myself addicted to sports anime genre. Watched Haikyuu, Slamdunk, Prince of Tennis, Free!, Run with the Wind, Kuroko’s Basketball, etc. But there’s one sports anime that I rewatched for more than 5-6 times (with English and Japanese subtitles). It is Yowamushi Pedal - bike racing anime.

Here’s what I did.

  • Watched all the episodes of Yowamushi Pedal with English subtitle for 3 times (it has more than a hundred episodes). I think I did this for more than two or three (?) months
  • Since I gradually learning new words and kanji characters thru WaniKani, I tried to rewatch it for 1-2.5 times (2.5 times because since there are more than a 100 episode, I only did the 50+ using this method). Actually, I can understand the context on what’s going on some scene and understand at least 40% of it since I only relied on WaniKani, some other Japanese apps, and online Japanese dictionary as my studying tools. I think this last for 2-3 months as I also began to feel bored on rewatching it over and over again.
  • Since I was really hyped on Yowa-Peda at that time, I also watched its OVA and films and read the manga (which were in Japanese since there are only few people who were doing the Eng sub translations). Reading the manga was both exciting and frustrating, tbh. I was struggling to understand (not read) the kanjis just to know what the characters were saying. In one chapter, I was spending at least an hour to “read” it.
  • After that, I now more realized that I need to learn the grammar more as getting yourself familiarized with just Japanese words has its own limitations. I enrolled on online Japanese classes to properly learn the grammar.

I’ll try to rewatch Yowamushi Pedal again this year and see how I improve my Japanese after a year. :slight_smile:

Oh and btw, I also tried to watch Youtube videos of Japanese game streamers (no Japanese subs on some) to get myself more familiarized with words and how they pronounce them. For me, it helps as I am hitting two stones with this one - listening to Japanese and having fun watching them. :wink:

Another thing, I am listening to Aimer’s Akane Sasu when I got to read this thread. I must say that unlike before, I understand the lyrics for about 40-70%, which makes me happy and more motivated. Thing is, I currently got to know more how really sad the song is. :sweat_smile: :upside_down_face:


Thanks for the tips! I can’t seem to get it to work though. I got through (I think) the registration, but when I log in, it takes me to the main page. Searching for 新装版 魔女の宅急便 again gives me the right page, but I don’t see 定価で購入する anywhere. :slightly_frowning_face:

Any other ideas? I don’t want to derail the thread, but I’d love to figure this out.

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aside to sporadic

sporadic, do you get a page like this? (I had to login first to get options besides “join now!”) I had to go to the second Kiki’s Book (otherwise for the one I already bought, the only option was to download it again… Which is good). Do you get a page like this screenshot?

This is the price in yen 税込 (ぜいこみ tax included)
The red button is the one you want: 購入する (to buy)
The white/red one is ポイントでおトクに購入する(buy with points)
And the third is ほしいものリストに追加 (as to wish list; 追加=ついか addition)

Maybe the one that logged some of us onto a recurring credit card charge monthly service was the Harry Potter audiobook?!? Sorry to scare you. This looks OK. After I clicked “buy”, I got this screen (but then cancelled, because I don’t want the second Kiki’s)

With the buttons
ポイントでおトクに購入する(buy with points); and
決済方法を確認 (kessai hōhō o kakunin; Check payment method)

Good luck, sporadic!

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Fantastic. I think I got it now. Thanks! I was a little worried that the instructions you gave didn’t match what I was seeing, but these new ones did. So I think I’m good. Assuming I don’t see random charges show up on my CC next month, anyway. :wink:

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(check to be sure, sporadic. I think you’ll be OK :wink: )

Uwa! I’m super-impressed by your genre-immersion plan, mysteryfate… It should help to be in the same body of vocabulary (sports-stuff in your case). I watched all of Haikyuu (understood very little), and wondered how much would be volleyball-specific if I made another pass for collecting words. (groan! There just isn’t TIME)

Re. Anki/SRS for a series:
Is anyone having any luck finding their name/anime/book on Koohi cafe? Mine weren’t on there, that I could see. I feel like Maybe I should make a table of words and give it over to them if I do the work. …I kind of want to do “Hunter X Hunter” and “Black Butler”