You Should Know This Reading By Now

Not sure if this is the correct place for feedback such as this, but here goes!

I assume it’s because some kanji items have been moved between levels etc, but some of the “extrinsic” information before WK reading mnemonics are now incorrect. For example, I’m doing the lvl 13 vocab I unlocked as I levelled up to 14. Two vocab items this level involving 着 have assumed I knew the kun’yomi reading.

Kanji item page:

Usually, if I recall correctly, the first vocab item to introduce the kun’yomi reading provides a short mnemonic to help you remember it. However, I haven’t encountered the vocab item which introduces it yet. As a disclaimer, I do use the reorder script, but I priortise vocab, radicals, kanji, from lower levels to higher levels. I haven’t encountered this issue before now, and it is a little frustrating. I’m working on the assumption the reorder script isn’t responsible. If it is, I’ll chew my words :rofl:

I know this is a very minor issue, but in the interest of WK completeness it’s worth mentioning imo.

Lastly, I was wondering, why are the kun’yomi readings always greyed out in the item pages? I had assumed that this was because I hadn’t learned that reading yet, but as it turns out, they’re greyed out for items I know well and have burned (know all readings etc):

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Really…? :thinking: I never bothered to figure out how it works, but I assumed it was giving the readings of the kanji that are not considered as an answer during the kanji review…?

For feedback like this, they like us to send to


Ahhhh that’s a very astute observation. If they were a little less grey they’d be easier to read, though. And, I’m stupid and completely forgot that I learned 着る which is the kun’yomi reading. What a bloody brain fart.


A kun’yomi reading. 着く is also pretty common.

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