You know you’ve been WKing when


Lol, I also have to correct myself so many times from not writing the double “nn” lol.


In the sense of guessing what 水頭症 means, kanji has a leg up on plain old English!


Well to be able to split words in concept likes kanji do in english, we would need to study grec or latine.


When you convert your phone’s contacts list and app folders to Katakana and Kanji to get some practice in edgewise.


I switched my iPhone’s Siri to Japanese. I can ask it 今日の天気はどうですか and it understands me! Unfortunately, I don’t always understand the answer. :smiley:


Every time that commercial comes on, I sing “Zenkoku is on your side.”


When your japanese teacher explain that kanji come from chinese and your like "No they come from the great WaniKani. He burned kanji on turtle’s shells to allow us to read them. Don’t you dare calling kouichi-sama a liar. We must burn the heretics to satisfy our lord and savior WaniKani. "


I just laughed out loud in the teacher staff room…

Explaining the joke to my supervisors would ruin it for them…but oh man


when you use such an obscure word that even Japanese people take a few seconds to understand what you have said…

Damn you WK.


Ah, the good ol’ 里心 :ok_hand:


when you automatically press ENTER twice when entering your password or something


Never have I seen something so British on a Japanese language forum.


:joy::joy::joy::joy: I love jap ads xD Can someone name the Narrator Seiyuu?


You stop thinking that the POLL thread is non-sense.


You can’t remember any new content until you finally ‘encounter’ it here or during lessons


…you get surprisingly good at Korean :thinking:


I got good at Korean in the sense that I know what Japanese looks like, and Korean isn’t it


…you say that every reading with こう has be kou-ed aka こういち’d

makes no sense I know ( jumps ship)


When someone says a word in Japanese to you that you don’t know and you ask “what’s the kanji?”

Similarly, when they say a word you don’t know and you figure it out based on what kanji would fit the context of the conversation "shigeki no geki?


When you see Reviews 42+, you start panicking but then when you click and see that there are only 45 reviews, you feel so much 安心。