You know you’ve been WKing when


You can read shipping manifests at the Toyota factory where you work.


When I read an article on NHK news web easy and kill it, so easy. Understood everything, feels great! I’m so smart. Then the next one is completely incomprehensible. lol

Whenn every time I’m typinng inn ennglish I’m doublinng the nn’s by accidennt.


holy shit this thread is already one year old lol


Y-you’re already one year old! o:


joust are ready by the mall?


…You understand this entire song/ad.


relateable af


I accidentally typed んん in a word once using the kana keyboard on my phone. Backspace, shake fist, yell WaniKani!!! at the sky


Oh wow.


Ah yes the infamous WK Double Tap. The surest sign of a Crabacolyte.


Ermagherd I could both read and understand that O_O

:star: throws level up party :star:


Jii-sus christ.

First comment on YT, I agree.


Vacation mode is your friend.


When my mind begins operating like an SRS, and I start recalling review words at intervals of 4h, 8h, 1d, 2d, 1w, 2w, 1m, 4m, while away from WaniKani.


Scarily close to the truth, you know. At work, sometimes someone will tell me something I don’t have time for right away, and rather than try to remember, I figure eh, they’ll tell me again later if I forget. And there are a few employees I have to tell things to at 2hrs, 4hrs, one day, etc. :smiley:


I miss the days when they sang the silliness with conviction, not kids voices and boingy noises.


You know that singer’s got, like, a tan leather jacket and a shirt with big collar points. Gold chain or two.


Grumble…this thing is way too slow…only 15 reviews…no lessons for days…it’s a scam to make them more money…grumble…WAITWHATIHAVE123REVIEWSOHCRAP


Now picture this but with about 700 reviews instead.


Whenn you finnd yourself typinng like this evenn though you’re writinng inn Ennglish


I don’t know if someone already said this but meh

-When you find the Japanese version of what you want to say sound better ex: I prefer to say 頑張ってください instead of keep it up. (Feel it’s contain more happiness)

-When the Japanese teacher shows a complicated word in Japanese 水頭症 (hydrocephalus) and after he explains it your like: That makes soooo much sense. Wouldn’t be able to found the meaning in English.

-When your not an English native and you have to google some strange English word you never use because it’s a kanji but you would have never cared to look for it in English. (Had that with plant’s names) Improving my English while learning Japanese. 二鳥一石(or is it written backward mmm…?:thinking: (Two bird with one stone :parrot:))

PS: I’m glad I have an English correcting app. I made sooo much dump mistakes (笑)